Sunday, January 29, 2017

Swimming with sea turtles through the rainbow gate

Waimea Bay, Oahu

It’s raining. Leaning towers of cloud and mist rise from the gorge behind the beach. From the water’s edge, the ocean floor slants down sudden and deep. I slide into warm, gentle surf.
   I am delighted by a rainbow, that appears to be anchored half a mile away, to my left, by a rocky headland. The rainbow curves over the sea, opening a gateway – blue-green to begin with, brightening as the sun bursts through into the full, vivid spectrum.
   I want to swim under the rainbow. It looks like a gate to another dimension. I strike out strongly, beating my legs, towards the rainbow gate. When I raise my chin above the water to check on my progress, I find the rainbow is steadily receding into the distance. Everyone knows you can’t ever catch up with a rainbow, right?
   But now the sea turtles come. First a baby, then a whole pod. I swim among them, kicking hard to keep up. Sea turtles can be fast. And
We swim together to the place of the rainbow. Its brightness has gone, yet something of it seems to hang in the air. I see a beautiful soft blue-green arch above me.
I write sloppy haiku on the beach:

I want to go under
The rainbow’s ocean gate
Sea turtle takes me through

Comment: I plucked this account of dreaming IN the physical body from an old journal just now. It is my unedited account of the start of my birthday in Hawaii in 1998.


marrob said...

I assume this is a birthday anniversary, so many good wishes,
and just after Australia Day too. ( I lived in New Farm, Brisbane
for many years).
I follow your blog regularly and find it a wealth of well written
research and insights. I enjoy the art work too. Many thanks.

Robert Moss said...

Thank you, Marrob. I was born in June, not January. I plucked this account of dreaming IN the physical body as I followed my common practice of mining old journals. I just happened to like it a lot, and since I am far from the ocean and in the depth of winter where I live, it seemed a good time to bathe again in those waters.

Unknown said...

Thank you, beautiful dreamscape indeed

BC47 said...

Beautiful story to lift the soul!