Sunday, January 22, 2017

Praise and serve the Mother

I am walking with the Mother
I am sailing on her skin
I become her child and lover
From the outside enter in

I will praise the sky above her
I will praise her in the deep
I am dreaming with the Mother
She awakens me from sleep

Walk lightly on the Mother
And let her grace unfold
Praise and serve the Mother
And re-enchant the world

Praise and serve the Mother
And re-enchant the world

This song is in my collection, Here, Everything Is Dreaming. The words came to me during a journey into a dream in which I was given the music but still needed the lyrics in order to gain entry to a realm of the Earth Mother through the roots of a World Tree. When I was able to retrieve and sing the song, I was welcomed into her realm and received blessing, healing and nourishment in her generous embrace. I was then guided to descend to a light-filled space deep beneath the Earth from which human issues can be understood and navigated from the heart. Praise and serve the Mother. She is rising again.

Drawing by RM

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