Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rescuing Turtle, Releasing the Artist Within

More than ever, my dreams are driving me to draw and paint in watercolors in my journal. I dreamed that my little dog rushed ahead of me at what I first thought was a pigeon that had picked up a paper plate. When I got closer, I saw that the "pigeon" was actually a tiny turtle. It managed to jump up on my left arm, near the shoulder, and held on tight.
    I began to leave the dream but thought No, I must make sure the little turtle is safe. Fully lucid, I walked, with the tiny turtle on my shoulder and my dog held on a short leash, until I saw a pleasant garden, with a pond and some statues, behind an ornamental iron fence, I opened the gate, tied my dog up, and walked down steps towards the pond. I saw a safe spot on the grass to release the turtle from my shoulder.
    No sooner had I done this than the waters spurted and roared. A huge being exploded from the waters and loomed over me. I realized this was a giant snapping turtle, maybe a distant cousin of the one I rescued. Though huge and fearsome, the intent of the giant turtle was wholly benign. I was instantly reminded of the role of the snapping turtle in the cosmology of the Iroquois, the Native American tradition I know best. A'nonwara, Turtle, lends its back for the Woman Who Fell From the Sky to dance an new Earth into being. And Great Turtle is also the teacher of the Deep.
    In my conscious dream, Great Turtle invited me to go to the depths of the waters to recollect essential things. I did this, and I feel blessed.
    My first action to honor the dream was to make this picture. Our dreams call us to release the artist, as well as the writer, within.

Drawing of Great Turtle from Robert Moss journal January 3, 2017.

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Sharron O'Reilly said...

Looks a bit like the turtle I found beside my bed. Though he was about half the size of my greyhound not as big as this guy. I've not been able to find him again and my last nights dream of healing ... all I remember was being hit in the stomach and having the wind knocked out me... excited to see what I see tonight. I like this honouring with a picture. I'll give it a try to bring more remembering. Thank you Robert.