Friday, February 3, 2017

Blue dreams

Before dawn on my first morning back in Prague, I have a thrilling experience in the liminal space between sleep and awake. Behind closed eyelids, I see an opening like the outline of an eye. Through it, I look into a marvelous blue deep, the deep blue of ocean. I flow through the blue portal. The seascape is vividly alive, yet neither literal nor artificial. I feel I am in a living painting, where imagination can shapeshift and generate forms. I can see to the other side of the ocean, which now seems to shrink to the size of a lake. I am now in a city. It seems normal enough, and pleasant. I do not know the name of this city. It may be in another reality. I am ready to explore, but want to check that I can get back to the body I left in the bed in my Prague hotel. I open my eyes. Yep, I'm still in the body I left here a little while ago. What's with that blue depth, and that portal? I have been thinking about the term "blue dream" which in Spanish (sueño azul) also means "daydream". I've been looking to freshen the vocabulary we use to describe various types of dreaming, including dreaming wide awake, eyes open, when you are IN your physical body but things around you are unfolding with oneiric logic, in the way of a dream.

I have a lunch date at the Cafe Imperial, an art deco palace where it isn't hard to recognize that you may be dreaming with your eyes open, with a wonderful Czech artist, psychologist and dream teacher, Kamila Ženatá. I am curious to see whether my blue vision will resonate with her. The story gets better. She has a fabulous gift for me, a painting of a blue seascape she had made for me. The male figure out there in the water is me. Her title: "Robert IN the shoreline".


Unknown said...

I love the story, and how you embody the dream mastery, Robert. You are a magnet for dreams of all shades and colors! Quite fascinating how precise your precognition was and I find the double meaning of a sueño azul ~ daydreaming - really astonishing. When you tell such stories I imagine all the logical minds out there going nuts :D Can't wait to see you in Prague tomorrow!!

fishgirl said...

I have "entered the paint" before in my dreams. This feels like the paint entered you as the artist was creating the vision, and as your vision was creating the art. Love it!

Ocean said...

Thanks - your dream resonates with similar experiences "on the shoreline of Infinity".

TN said...

I find this so intriguing as there are other references to blue places on different blogs/sites devoted to spiritual development. One is on a blog by Laura Bruno, who describes a meditation technique where one goes to a "blue room" in order to release painful emotions and restore energy balance. Another site describes different astral levels. The blue level is a beach: "Rocks on the Beach 5th plane [astral place] The beach is typically seen at night as a flat wide sandy beach . There is a large pile of rocks on the left of the portal from which the projector enters." In this place, one meets the Higher Self, spirit guides, loved ones, and other benevolent beings.

Argh! I feel so earthbound. It's been so long since I've had these kind of dreams. I am probably just forgetful and sleepy.

Dana Blanco said...

This is the first time that I read anything similar to what used to happen to me at 12-14 years old. It was the blue dream! Three years in a row it unfolded during one night on January. I would go to bed and -before falling asleep- the scenery before my eyes would turn first yellow and then completely blue. A light blue, which is weird because previously my room was darkened by night. I could never move anything but my eyes, but I double checked to see that they WERE open and that it was NOT a dream per se. Through the blue I started seeing figures -like a sort of engraving or bajorelievo- in my case, it was lines bottles or vases, in lines. I have no idea what this could mean, but felt good to read about that "blue dream".

Unknown said...

I have "entered the paint" before in my dreams. This feels like the paint entered you as the artist was creating the vision, and as your vision was creating the art. Love it!
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