Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Proverbs of a dreamer

Dreaming is not fundamentally about what happens during sleep. It is about waking up.

Dreaming is the most common alternative state of consciousness among humans, and it does not require drugs or equipment. To get really good at it, however, requires practice, practice, practice.

Dreams are not on our case, they are on our side.

We need to take dreams more literally and waking life more symbolically.

A nightmare is a case of dream interruptus. You ran away from the dream because you couldn't take it any more. The remedy is to go back inside the dream you fled, step through your fear, and confront and resolve the issue on its own ground.

We say 'I had a dream,' not knowing a better way to speak. In truth, it would sometimes be more accurate to say, 'A dream had me,' because certain dreams come upon us, as the hawk comes upon the rabbit, talons outstretched

Dreaming is traveling. You make visits and you receive visitations.

Dreaming is social as well as individual, transpersonal as well as personal.

A dream is also a place. If you have been there once, you can go there again.

Dreaming is the best preparation for dying.

Dreams are part of your essential survival kit. Your dream self goes ahead of your waking self, scouting out challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This can save your health, your relationship, your job, your life.

Dreaming, you meet other aspects of yourself.

Dreams show you where parts of your vital energy and identity that went missing - when the world seemed to cruel and too cold - are located, giving you a way to bring them back into the body where they belong.

We meet the dead in our dreams because they are alive somewhere else. They come visiting, and we visit them. We learn through these encounters that the soul survives the death of the body and that healing and forgiveness are always available, beyond the apparent barrier of death.

Our dreams can be memories of continuous lives we are leading in other realities.

We live in dream within dream within a dreaming multiiverse. The real fun begins when we become conscious dreamers exploring the multiverse and moving from one level to another as the mind awakens while successive bodies sleep.

In other lives we remember through dreams, we  can find ourselves in other bodies in other realities, joining the lives of people who have their own histories. When they sleep, they may dream of us, as we dream of them.

Dreamers are time travelers. We visit past times, future times and parallel times.

While sleep deprivation can be a serious problem, we do better when we stop confusing being awake in the middle of the night with "insomnia" and learn to have fun when the rest of the world is sleeping,

When we go dreaming, we step through the curtain of ordinary reality and wake up in a deeper world. Through the play of synchronicity, the powers of the deeper world push a finger through the veil to prod or tickle us awake.

You don't have to go to sleep in order to dream. The world around you will speak to you in the manner of dreams, in a symbolic language, if you pay attention.

Drawing: "Temple of Anubis" by RM.


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Unknown said...

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. See the link below for more info.