Monday, September 28, 2015

The mossy side of the ash

The pillars of the ruined cathedral
reach for the sky
like the masts of a shipwreck.
This earth has drunk blood and fire
over all the generations
when it was a highway of war.

The ash remembers.
Its double trunk

suggests a woman open for love
or a mother holding her baby.
I choose the mossy side
and enter her embrace.

This is a place where
I can always come

to see with Bohemian eyes
and cherish soul
that awakened in me here
among stone and ash.

- .Panenský Týnec, Bohemia, September 24, 2015


Unknown said...

Living on a Highway of war makes one wise
After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Wonderful to see you so inspired by Bohemian eyes
And grateful they keep bringing you back...

Unknown said...

"Soul awakened by ash and stone..." beautiful and true. Thank you, Robert - for being a Defender and Embracer of the Goddess. Though her Madonna face is slashed and her body trampled, she feels the tenderness of each reverent step and rises, 'perennial as the grass,' as her tree sap reaches to hold us through her outstretched arms.