Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turkish delight

I've been enjoying a new riff of Turkish synchronicity this week.

First, I received the image of the cover of the new Turkish edition of my book THE THREE "ONLY" THINGS.

Second, within a minute of that, I received an invitation (from a different person, someone I have never met) to lead a workshop at a beach resort town on the Turkish coast next year.

Third, within 30 minutes, a friend posted a comment at my Dream Gates blog in which she mentioned that she will be in Turkey next summer and has been dreaming that a tiger will be her guide in this trip. At the exact moment I read her post, I was cutting the picture of a tiger from a greeting card I had received to use as a bookmark.

Sometimes it's hard to avoid noticing that there are things that WANT to happen, and forces at play (in the play of coincidence) that help us to get that message.

I wrote a previous piece about an amazing (even by my standards) case of synchronicity or "mental texting" involving Turkey at my Dream Gates blog. On that occasion, exhausted by long investigation of an incident of alleged dream sending in the time of Suleiman the Magnificent, I said out loud, around midnight, "I need a Turk!" (to help me with documents in Turkish in the archives of the Topkapi Palace). Two minutes later, I received an email from a doctor in Turkey (unconnected with the latest riff of coincidence) who readily volunteered, when asked, to help with my research.


abjekta said...

In June when I was at the Turkish resort I came back from a visit to Didim with it's Apollon temple - on the mountain that hoover behind the resort, I clearly saw the outlines of a lioness/tiger/jaguar on the move... immediately afterwards I had a look at your blog and there you had posted a cave painting of a lioness... Of course it makes me think about the great goddess of Anatolia with her lions... I do sincerley wish for a delightful turkish adventure where dreams do come true...

Robert Moss said...

What a great prospect, to be dreaming near the place of the god of light, music and divination - and even more, under the aegis of the Great Goddess of Anatolia.

nina said...
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