Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Provençal blue

lo País d'Òc

Over the past week, the ruling color of my dreams, sleeping and waking, has been Provençal blue. I led a six-day training for teachers of Active Dreaming, my first teacher training in Europe, at the Hameau de l'Etoile, a restored medieval village near Saint Martin de Londres in the Midi. Gifted dreamers eager to become guides and ambassadors to the deeper life came from Sweden and the Netherlands, Germany and Estonia, Britain and Romania, Italy and France (of course). We shared wonderful adventures in two languages and in two worlds, and the work was deep and true.

Doors, shutters and gates at the Hameau were painted in the colors of memory, nostalgia and sweet yearning, tested and tempered by the seasons.

Even the doors to the rest rooms were Provençal blue.

I would have loved to have plunged into the deep blue dreams of the splendid pool at the Hameau, but it was a little too cold for that in late October

After the training, I found my way through a chaos of tram lines under construction to the heart of Montpellier and stopped for a beer at a cafe in a quiet square in the university quarter. Here the doors were a deeper blue.

On my last day in southern France, I visited the magnificent medieval city of Carcassonne, the scene of mass tragedy when a Pope ordered a crusade against the Cathars in 1209. On a high terrace within sight of the donjon, with the noise of a brass band rising from the street, I lunched on a cassoulet of white beans, duck and Toulouse sausage, and found the blue trim of a window another invitation to go dreaming.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Robert. Thank you for sharing a piece of this journey with us. Blessings.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that lovely photo essay in blue struck a responsive chord here in Berkeley where I am deep into a digital storytelling workshop.. It spoke to me in layers, levels and languages of dream...

Valerie said...

Absolutely beautiful !!!! I love that color...and I love France.

Roll Cage Mary said...

Very reminiscent of the Blue Lake at Mt Gambier in South Australia, which I visited in 2000. Amazing energies there as well. The magnetic resonance was so strong, I found my inner compass was constantly scrambled and I had trouble discerning what direction I was facing. The veil is very thin at Mt Gambier.

Sylvie said...

Merci, Robert, pour ces magnifiques photos! I love particularly the last one / It would be great to paint such a lovely window. It's a good spot to start flying in dreams!I wonder what it's like behind!