Saturday, October 8, 2011

Solving things in the solution state

As I lay in bed early on a rainy Saturday morning, it occurred to me that the drifty state after waking can sometimes be - quite literally - the Solution State.

I did not initially have narrative dream recall. Instead, I found that my mental field was like an ocean of clean, translucent oil, in which many images and ideas were floating and bobbing. I could reach around and choose some of them to mix and match, and to bring into clear resolution. As I did this, I was given very clear solutions to a number of specific problems and imagery sequences I could now develop - or allow to develop - into movie-like sequences, with plot lines and voiceovers.

I was in the realm of hypnagogia, specifically in the hypnopompic zone that follows sleep. In my Secret History of Dreaming I report how creative breakthoughs in all fields have often been accomplished in this twilight state of consciousness, when connections that escape the daytime mind are made fluidly, and solutions arise.

Experiences of this type take place in a matrix that could be called a "solution" in the sense that many elements and possibilities are suspended in it - and that creative people have the ability, in that state of relaxed attention (or attentive relaxation) to enter the Solution State to bring through solutions.

Salvador Dali, Three Sphnxes of Bikini


Justin Patrick Moore said...

This hypnagogic Solution State is the perfect place to practice the Ars Combinatoria, or the art of combinations. From this cauldron new arts will be born, ones to help humanity forge a path through the future.

It seems to me this place of solutions is also a good spot to further develop the Ars Moriendi as well, or the Art of Dying, which we in the West have a serious need of restoring. Your work in both the Secret History of Dreams, and in creating a Dreamers Book of the Dead are essential.

I am curious to know, since you are a historian, and you've played the role of history prof, more of your thoughts on the Historical Imagination. For instance, it seems that the greater knowledge a person has of history, the more combinations of solutions might be available in the solution state. (And personally I'd love to know what your take on Otto Spengler is and his idea of the Faustian period of history...and what might come after this Faustian stage.)

Luna said...

I love that state... between here and there.
For me I build wonderful daydreams there..ideas to float at the edge of my day to remind me that we must remember to find joy daily.

Leah said...

This is my favorite part of the day. As time unfolds I find myself developing my 'skills' within this state and am beginning to access this many times during the day. This is a good thing.