Monday, April 24, 2017

Dare to be afraid

Dare to be afraid.          
You're already in the underworld.
You are more dead now than you'll be
when you wake up in another world
and remember what it was all about
and how you might have used that knowledge.

Check in on the lives you are living now
in worlds where you never left your  lover
or met him ten years sooner 
or crossed that bridge that scared you
or went to Paris to make art.

You are on your way to a Customs booth
where your regrets will be weighed
against a feather  Travel light.
If you regret a life unlived grab from it
what you can before you face the scales.

Round up the usual dead artists.
Courage is not the absence of fear
but fear conquered by something stronger.
Feed the tiger even if that means becoming food.
Dare to be afraid.

- Gore Mountain April 23, 2017

Tiger mask by RM


John Frederick said...

Really sums up the weekend, which was amazing on many many levels. Thank you!

Tim said...

be afraid the quail is fluffed and ready both great works :-) thanks Robert great weekend as my fellow fatality member Dr Speaks No_E
vil wrote thank god as i would have never heard it ether.... lol

Unknown said...

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manho valentine said...

Thanks you so much for sharing!