Monday, August 30, 2021

On the road

What happens on the road in your dreams? Our dreams rehearse us for literal situations that may come up. I am quite certain that dreams saved me from possible death on the road three times by giving me previews of fatal accidents I was able to avoid by retaining, clarifying and applying the information. Our dreams give us gentler travel advisories: check your brakes, be prepared for a detour or heavy traffic.

Then there are all the dreams in which was is happening on the road may be a metaphor for life situations, past, present or future. In a dream last night I knew where I wanted to go, but it's by no means clear that I knew how to get there. I drove straight ahead, on a highway that dwindled to a country road that turned to dirt and then was just a trail that suddenly dropped in a near-vertical descent. I plugged on in the car - which may have been a Mini Cooper - despite the risk until the narrow walls of a gorge hemmed me in I got out of the car and tried to climb down, still headed in the same direction.

I came back from my dream excursion with no strong feelings and no sense of urgency. I was slightly disappointed, since the dream wasn't much fun. And a little frustrated, since it seemed unlikely that my dream self was going to make it to his objective. I doubted that the dream held hold a literal advisory since I rarely drive these days and don't have a Mini Cooper.

Instead of recording the details, as I normally do, I let the dream go until I had finished my coffee and checked the news about Hurricane Ida and Kabul.

With my memory of the dream narrowed to my effort to keep traveling in a straight line regardless of circumstances, I could recognize a recurring theme in my dreams and my life. I can think of past situations where I thought I knew where I wanted to go, and discovered that I did not actually know how to get there. Literally and symbolically, I've gone through life passages where I keep on keepin' on without checking the map or considering alternate routes or asking directions. Is there a chance I'll do that again? Well, of course. I don't see the possible circumstances this morning, but I'll keep the dream with me as a counselor.

To add to the likelihood I'll hear that counsel, I'll make upa bumper sticker. Not a major creative assignment on this occasion. I can borrow an oldie.

Remember a straight line is not always the shortest path.

There are dreams that hold up a magic mirror to our actions and attitudes, giving us the gift of seeing ourselves from a witness perspective. Sometimes they hold up a funhouse mirror in which our quirks and imperfections are so mocked and magnified we can hardly fail to pay attention. This gives us precious opportunities for course correction. Have you noticed?

What's happening on the road in your dreams?

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JYNX said...

I have had lucid dreams all my life. But lately I have been having dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams. I feel that it's my subconscious trying to one up me while I control what I think is the dream and I'm looking at it when I wake I realize I was only looking at a dream while still in it. Last night was the first time I noticed that you can read while in a dream I was so frustrated when I woke up because I had edited and written a track of music bouncing back and forth between 10 tracks seeing the waveforms and everything and when I woke up I realized that I had been watching myself do it but that sadly the song didn't even exist on my computer in real life. It felt so real.

Yogi Midwife said...

Hello Robert.
I am so excited to have found your work. I am going to take a training from one of your students soon. I have had dreams that i then walked through a few months later. Once I realized this when I was young, I began to ask for dreams to tell me what would be happening in 6 months. I had many but at the time each was so different from what I was currently experiencing that i didn't know what to do with them. Then I would find myself walking through them a few months later. I played with this with no expertise or experience. I am so happy to find someone who knows how to work with dreams, not controlling, but listening and attentive to the messages from a deeper part of ourselves - I'd venture to say from the unified field the source of all.
I retired, sold my home and moved to Ecuador inApril of this year. Since then I have not really remembered my dreams. This seems quite odd to me. Any feedback on why that might be?
Thank you for your work -- it is a new path for me that I didn't know I was waiting for.
Much love and blessings on your endeavors.

Yogi Midwife said...

PS. I was really surprised by your phrase... All of us, together, grow our ability to help midwife the rebirth of a dreaming society in our world, in our time. on your training. I have changed my profession from home birth midwife to Energy Codes Coach and say I am now midwife to the emergence of the Soul.
what a surprise to find another person feeling that way about his work..

Robert Moss said...

Dear Yogi Midwife. Thanks for sharing your expereinces. On why active dreamers sometimes lose their dreams for a time, you may find the thoughts I just posted on this blog relevant:

Two of the larger reasons for the widespread dream drought that is such a malaise in our society are that (1) most of us don't have a social situation that rewards sharing dreams and offers a good process for doing that and (2) many people who have lost their dreams have actually lost the beautiful brght dreamer in their own being, the one who went missing through soul loss,when the world seemed too cold and cruel. In our dream school, we are seeking to heal both conditions.