Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Breaking news from the Other Side

Anna dreamed she visited a friend who had recently died. He handed her a mobile phone with just two keys, green and red and told her she could call anytime. Nothing simpler – hit green to call, red to disconnect. Anna was delighted to discover that the departed now have speed dial.
     It seems that the communications technology of the departed keeps pace with innovations down here. Since the invention of the telephone, phone calls from the dead have been a familiar feature of many dreamers’ nights. One woman got a call from her mother, who had recently passed, in which her mother said, “I can’t talk for long since I just got here. I’ll have more phone privileges later on.” The dead send email and texts and their voices come through in podcasts in contemporary dreams.
    This all helps to facilitate contact since it indulges everyday expectations about how people keep in touch with each other. Back in the Victorian era, contact methods were different. The newspaperman and psychic investigator W.T. Stead, reporting back to his daughter after he died in the wreck of the Titanic, described a communications center on the Other Side where “travelers” were trained in hand-carrying messages to the living, where necessary by focusing their energy in order to produce the clear impression of a face during séances. Stead dictated a wonderful little book, The Blue Island, through a male medium that is one of my favorite sources on the Western afterlife.
     By my observation, contact with the departed, especially in dreams, is entirely natural (and would be quite commonplace, if we were more awake to levels of reality beyond the physical) for three reasons. Our dead may still be with us. Our dead come visiting. And in dreams, we go traveling in realms where the dead are at home.
     I’m using the word “dead” here the way the Irish do. Our dead are usually alive in our dreams, because indeed they are still living, "dead" only in the sense that they have left their physical bodies behind (though sometimes they are not aware of that). Interaction with our dead – again, especially in dreams – has been, in all cultures and all times, the principal source for the human belief that consciousness survives death.  
     Our dead are a constant source of breaking news, whenever we are tuned in. They give us news flashes, ranging from personal health alerts to next year’s headlines. The departed are not trapped by the illusion of linear time. If they have cleared old business and have an interest in helping survivors to do better, they can be very helpful guides in pointing out possible future events, and what we need to do to shape those events for our health and well-being. One of my personal markers that there may be unusually important information in a dream, especially relating to the future, to health, and to life-and-death issues, is the appearance of a departed person I trust, including beloved dogs who once shared my life.
    There is breaking news from the Other Side that may be even more crucial for a fully-realized life. Through our encounters with our departed over time, we learn about transitions and alternate living situations in the afterlife, the nature of reincarnation, and realities of the soul.
    A breakthrough moment on the roads of the afterlife is when a departed person discovers that he or she does not have to retain the same appearance they had when they checked out, which is often a broken and elderly body. Dreamer after dreamer reports the joyful surprise of encountering Mom or Grandpa in the body of a good-looking, energetic young person of about thirty. Such encounters are already an important education in the nature and malleability of one of the subtle bodies, or vehicles of consciousness, that survive physical death.
     I asked my friend Wanda Burch, the author of She Who Dreams, who tracks these things as closely as I do, to report on what she has learned through successive visits with her departed parents in their changing living environments on the Other Side. Here is part of the narrative she generously contributed for this piece:
     “My dreams of my father and mother's evolution have been entertaining and confirming of a great new life. In my favorite, I visit my parents in their new house. My mom looks younger, wearing smart little outfits from the days when she was dating my dad. She leads me to a beautiful pool that looks like a natural lake lined with stones, with lily pads in the water. I praise the beautiful house, and my mom says that my dad always liked my house and wanted one like mine. ‘But I don't have a house like this,’ I tell her. ‘You will,’ she says smiling. Then my mom drives off in a junky old car like the one they had in my youth. ‘Does she really need a car?’ I ask my dad. He tells me ‘No, but she enjoys it and there’s no harm in it.’
     “A few months later, I dreamed my dad was checking in on me to tell me he was moving on. I see a charming farmhouse set among pastures and fields of crops. I know this is one of many residences for my parents. I find them and join them in a car. My father shows me that he now has his own driver and then invites me to come with him inside a lodge where he has been receiving instruction, some of it – he says – involving ‘my things.’ These include early religions, dreaming, and exploration into spiritual matters.
    "He shows me charts of the heavens and points out stars and constellations, giving me lengthy and exciting explanations about the influence of the movements of the heavens on our lives and on our dreaming. I see a jumble of stars which he says he has just discovered. Humans have not been able to see them yet because they are too many light years away; but he is working with someone – I have the feeling this is an astronomer on earth - who will soon develop the technology to see them.

     “On the way back to the farm he shows me shops, including book shops filled with new books, not yet written, on wellness and spiritual development. We continue on to the farm where my mother settles into a comfortable routine. I turn and see my father coming toward me with arms wide open, ready to hug me. My father was not a hugger, but he is now. He tells me he is going away for awhile but I can still get in touch with him if it is important. He leaves. My mom, after an initial feeling of panic, settles down and seems fine. She loves her farm and farmhouse and tells me she needs to do some tidying. We say good-bye and I awake seeing her waving to me and smiling.”
     Over the years, the number one reason why people have shared dreams with me is that they have had an encounter with a departed friend or loved one that has touched them deeply. The most important thing we can do for each other in this respect is to offer confirmation and validation that these experiences are real - and then to reassure each other about a great truth that often goes unspoken in our counseling rooms and even our churches: healing and resolution and mutual support are possible, across the apparent barrier of death.
     So dying definitely need not mean hanging up on those near and dear. It seems an increasing number of people in contemporary society are taking that notion a bit too literally. Funeral homes report a steady increase in the number of clients who are being buried with their cell phones. When Manhattan criminal defense attorney John Jacobs died in 2005, his widow buried him in a Paramus NJ cemetery with his cell phone and continued to pay the monthly phone bill. She had his cell phone number carved on his headstone so others could keep in touch too. W
hen she and others called, they got his voicemail, promising to get in touch as soon as possible. Dream phones offer live conversation, and you don't get a monthly bill.


Wei said...

I was not with my parents when they passed away so I naturally tuned into dreams hoping to see them, hug them and find out how they are in their new lives. My parents’ marriage was arranged before they were even born. My dad had said that their marriage was without love. Growing up I never saw them being happy together. Mom passed first, and 15 years later dad passed too. I was very curious about how they get along after dad passed. I’d expect mom to be there for dad when he crossed over to offer guidance. My dreams have showed me the gradual changes in them. In the earlier dreams I visited home and often saw only just dad; mom was always away. Then one time I had a dream where I visited home and saw them sitting at their bed side table playing some kind of game. I was surprised to see them together! The game was not anything we see on Earth. It had a circular shaped white board that reminded me of Chinese Checker and pieces of all white western Chess style figures. Mom beamed with joy but dad looked gloomy as if mom was winning the game. Mom turned her head to face me and said “give us more time and be patient”. I woke up and understood that they were still “negotiating” or working over things. A remarkable dream I had recently showed that they were together celebrating at home. The way they celebrated was so unique. They were sitting on the floor by their bed, facing each other; each holding a glass of Bloody Mary. Mom raised her glass, poured a little Bloody Mary on the floor; she then scooped it up with her hand from the floor and drank it down, then both of them laughed out loud together. I woke up feeling overjoyed. I had never seen them being so happy together while living on Earthly plane.
Thanks Robert for your passionate teachings.

Robert Moss said...

Dear Wei, thank you so much for this moving report. As you know, in the afterlife we live the truth of our deepest feelings, so it is not to be assumed that we will be with family members and friends from physical life unless there is deep soul connection - and perhaps things that are still to be worked out, or celebrated and enjoyed. I love the image of your parents playing that game on the round board as they "negotiate" their relations and possibly awaken to the circular (hopefully spiral) patterns of soul stories that are played out over more than one life.

Janine De Tillio Cammarata said...

Robert, I love your description of how the dead are still with us just not on our physical plane. When my son, Nick, passed multiple times he used the telephone and other forms of technology as ways to connect with me. I tell people that he is still with me, but I have learned to live with him beside me in a different way.

My husband is a systems engineer and is always on the computer. The one dream that he remembers of our son is of Nick being on the computer, turning to his dad and telling him that he is here. The computer is their connection. Then he hugged his dad.

Keeping track of when and how my child contacts me and even what age he is when he does serves as a guide for me in my everyday life. Nick knows when I'm taking too much on or I'm at my lowest, and I need reassurance that he is happy and just a breath away.

It's a connection that I literally could not live without and am blessed to have this awareness and knowing.

Thank you for sharing!


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