Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dream explorers in the multiverse

Since Einstein, physics has become a science of uncertainty, improvisation and wonder. It reveals that behind the seemingly solid surface of things is an incredible dance of energy, or pure consciousness. It shows us that time and space, as we experience them on the way to the office or to pick up the kids from school, are not conditions for any other kind of life in the universe, merely human conveniences (although they often seem more like inconveniences).

Today, the agreed “laws” of physics tell us the following:
·         Time travel into the future is possible.
·         Time travel into the past may be possible. (Einstein, in his time and in my dreamtime, maintains that it is not a physical possibility for a human body – but allows, in the dream version, that it could be accomplished in other ways.)
·         There is no firm separation between subject and object in the universe. The observer and the “outside world” that he thinks he is observing are enmeshed together. Indeed, at subatomic levels, it is the act of observation that plucks events from a soup of possibilities.
·         Humans have an innate ability to communicate and influence people and objects across a distance.
·         The mind is non-local. Consciousness acts outside the brain and outside space time.
·         Any event that occurs in the universe is immediately available anywhere as information.
·         Our experience of reality, like our experience of linear time, is a mental construct. Change the construct, and we change our world.

The new physics shows us a universe that baffles common sense, a universe that operates along utterly different lines from one in which the commuter train leaves at 6:05 (if we’re lucky). Yet the findings of leading-edge physics have brought us scientific confirmation of the worldview of shamans, mystics and dreamers, who have always known that there is a place beyond surface reality where all things are connected, a place beyond time where all times are accessible, and that consciousness generates worlds.
    How do we bring all of this together with our lived experience, our human needs, and our hopes for world peace and a gentle upward evolution of our species?
     By becoming active dreamers, able to follow dream clues along the spiraling paths of the multiverse, and to step in and out of alternate realities at will.
      We have the material. 
Dreaming, we swim in the quantum soup of possibilities, where the act of looking brings things into being. Dreaming, we discover the existence of alternate realities and parallel worlds – including dimensions that escape human conceptions of form – and can actively explore them. Dreaming, we confirm that consciousness is never confined to the body, and that we can reach people and objects at a distance. Dreaming, we are time jumpers, able to visit (and possibly influence) both past and future. Dreaming, we can experience the six (or seven) “hidden” dimensions of physical reality, separated from our everyday sensory perception at the time of the Big Bang, that are posited by string theory.
     As active dreamers, we can achieve experiential understanding of the multidimensional universe that science is modeling.

     As researchers inside Multidimensional Reality, we can contribute in important ways to what will be – if we are lucky – the foremost contribution of the twenty-first century to science and evolution: the emergence of a true science of consciousness
    Active dreamers who keep full and detailed records of their experiences can contribute mightily to the emergence and understanding of new paradigms in science. Here are some of the things we can contribute:

·         Case studies of interactive dreaming that will provide mutually confirming evidence that consciousness is never confined to the brain.
·         Documented and witnessed reports of dream precognition, telepathy and other psi phenomena that will establish that these are entirely natural events, and that our everyday experience is not the only engagement with time and space that is possible.
·         Serial dreams in which we return to locales where we seem to be leading a continuous life as our present selves, but with some different elements in the scene. For example: we may be married to a different person, living in a different town, following a different line of work. Serial dreams of this type may provide strong experiential evidence for the “parallel universes” hypothesis.
·         Serial dreams in which we enter the situation or perspective of people living in other times or dimensions who are clearly not our familiar selves. These experiences may be suggestive of our connectedness, in our multidimensional identity, with a vast family of consciousness in many time periods and frequency domains.


Don said...

I really like what you said here. I like it very much. And you said it very well.

Unknown said...

After....spenting an intimate 5 days looking at this ceiling...you've just added a whole new meaning...thank you Robert...Namaste