Thursday, July 25, 2013

From frightened bunny to Kickass Solar Rabbit

Mosswood Hollow, Duvall, Washington

I have learned that any image that belongs to us can be used in the service of health and wholeness. Dreams are an amazing factory of fresh and spontaneous imagery that can be used to heal body, mind and spirit. I am not saying that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. We may suffer psychic intrusion or a disruptive psychic environment, and need to learn discernment, repair our boundaries and flush out inauthentic or malign influences that do not belong to us.
    When the images are own own, we may have do do a deal of work - and put in some real service - before something scary or depressingbecomes a source of power and healing. But when an image comes to us in an authentic and personal way, it is time to do that work.
    We may be required to journey back to the place of fear or blockage and confront a challenge on its own ground. This may require guts and resources beyond those ordinarily availabe; It becomes easier when we are working within the supportive energy of a circle of active dreaming, where the extraordnary becomes easy.

   A recent example, from one of the trainings I am currently leading at Mosswood Hollow. In one of the exercises, our participants traveled through the chakras, assisted by shamanic drumming, to connect with living symbols, often animal spirits, in each of the major energy centers.
   One of our dreamers was saddened and disappointed that what she found in her heart center was a little frightened pink bunny asking for help. It was suggested that she could go back inside her energy map, collect power from a place inside her energy body where it was available, and journey to the heart center to see how to help the scared bunny. She succeeded magnificently.
    The frightened bunny became what she chose to call a Kickass SolarRabbit, ready to help her take on certain emotional challenges in her life. She drew this new power animal, and the drawing in itself became a wonderful source of energy, confidence, and laughter.

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Sal Ruiz said...

Kickass Solar Rabbit... Nice! It's almost an oxymoron because of rabbits' gentility.