Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lion around

The rhythm of many drums and vibrating instruments being played by members of my workshop is deep and thrilling. It is carrying everyone smoothly and easily into rich group experience in deeper levels of consciousness and reality. As I move from room to room where many people are stretched out for shamanic journeying, I realize I can seize the opportunity to stretch out myself.
    I hand my
drum to a friend, signaling that she should carry on. I enjoy the feel of the lion skin I am wearing. I look out through the eyes of the lion head into pleasant gardens. I call to my friend that she should take my picture. The flash goes off like an old-camera.

I rose happy from this lion dream during a nap on this steamy July 4th afternoon.

I shared the dream with my friend. She told me she was napping around the same time and sent me this report of her own experiences:

In my dreams I was talking with you. Nearby hung two of my bear costumes, one brown and one white. I am telling you that I was not wearing either one of them. I explain that I was just dressed as I am in regular street clothes. I am showing you a photograph of a lion and happily explaining to you that I put my arms around him and leaned my head against him so that I could hear his heartbeat. I told you, "I heard the rhythm of the lion's heartbeat."

Dreaming is social as well as individual. I love this simple example of interactive dreaming, with the lion.

P.S. I suppose this dream could also be placed in the Dream Wardrobe Department, which I wrote about recently here

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