Tuesday, March 13, 2012



There are traffic lights in the trees
green to red is too sudden for me
I wait for the blue light to go.
Fallen leaves are yellow spark plugs
the sun rises in a cape of rainbow feathers
there is green fire in the eyes of all women.

All roads begin and end here
where the woods meet the water.
I shuffle memories of the future
and prepare for the past that lies ahead.

Here, now: all that I was or will be.
I am the red priest who makes love
to the insatiable Fire Lady.
I am the killer whale with the spirit fin
who swallows souls to keep them safe.
I am the Bear of battles
a dreamer made to save a lost kingdom
and the sleeping king
who must be awakened again and again.

I am the boy who knows the ways of dragons
I am the tiger that guards the flock
I am the stump of the old tree
that is putting up fresh shoots
I am the stag of the mountain
who drops his antlers and grows them again.
I am one who grows back.

Here and now, I know this:
I love to swim in the bright dark pools
of your eyes, where a child of wonder
darts from under the lilies to welcome me.

Leave it to the fisher boy with the boat
to fetch and carry messages to the world;
leave it to the faithful knight with the long sword
to guard this sanctuary. In another moment of Now
I will unfold again the long leather wallet
that holds the game of the world.

I sense the ripple from a great wave
not yet seen, from Atlantis not yet fallen.
Yet here and now, as you pluck the strings
and lives and times are dragonflies on the wing,
I drink the wind, I smell the rain,
I breathe in color, I dream a world
of love and peace. Here and now. 


M said...

That feels so close and "mine". Thank you for these moments of reading, which took my soul and hold it carefully high and away from my daily routine.

Mike B said...

I love the progression from the traveled roads, to the here and now rich with mythic identification. And through the child of wonder you come back into the game of the world, but in a here and now rich with potential as you “dream a world of love and peace.” This is a very inspiring piece. Thank You.
Now about that Atlantian ripple?…on second thought…leave it aside for the here and now.

Mystic Dreamer said...

I am stunned by this. Is it possible for a Dreamer to not also be a poet? But in this poem, it the genius of a poet and Dreamer par excellance.