Sunday, August 24, 2014

I had a dream

I had a dream, you say,
but maybe a dream had you.
A dream may slip through the keyhole
and stand over your head, whispering,
or creep under the covers with you.

You could say that you saw a dream
or you heard one. On juicy nights
you might taste a dream and wake
with the tang of raspberries
or runny cheese on your mouth.

Dreams may be visitors.
Dreams are also places you visit
where your experiences may be
realer than what you call real
on an ordinary day.

When you wake up to what’s going on
you know you don’t have to lie down
and let just any dream have you.
You don’t need to keep going
to bad neighborhoods in the dreamlands.

You can make better dreams.
You have a starship full of dream producers
waiting for your call. Dump your old scripts
and they’ll help you create worlds.
Then you’ll have a dream.

- August 24, 2014

Art: "Making Songlines" (c) Robert Moss

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, Robert! Quite evocative.