Monday, August 18, 2014

Driving a Car with Brique Affinée.

I am driving fast on curving roads at night. This car is controlled by a white oval knob on top of the dashboard. I find it easiest to operate when I work it with a piece of French cheese. This is a very particular cheese, a creamy gourmand delight called brique affinée. It's shaped like a thin brick, and I use the edge on the knob, pressing hard when I want to work the brakes. 

Feelings: Amused. 

Reality: I usually eat brique affinée when I teach in southern France, where my wonderful translator introduced me to it. Made in very traditional style by Vieux Pané, it is nonetheless a fairly recent arrival on the immense French cheeseboard.

Intention: My intention for dreams last night was simple: "I want to have some fun in my dreams and then have more fun talking about them and creating from them." This tasty scene, one of many, seems to be a direct response. Not quite as much fun as other dreams from last night, of a new kitten tickling the back of my neck, and of swimming in the warm turquoise waters or a lagoon at a mermaid beach. However, I am always happy to talk about cheese!

Action: I shall certainly want to eat some brique affinée when I lead my dream teacher training near Montpellier in October.

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nanette davis said...

I never liked cheese until I traveled to France and was introduced to French goat cheese.
I remember eating it pretty much every day while I was there. Yes, I can see how French cheese is tasty fun.