Saturday, August 16, 2014

My dream boat is good for a pleasure cruise

I am on board a motor yacht. It is beautifully appointed, with gleaming brass and wood panels. It can sleep twenty passengers, or more, in great comfort.
     The plan is to sail across the seas of the world, to Goa and other places along the Malabar coast. But I am starting to think that this plan is too ambitious. The boat is old, and its equipment has not been properly maintained. I fear it could spring some leaks, and I suspect that the control instruments are not reliable. In the wheelhouse, I inspect three knobs or buttons that are vital to navigation. One seems to be loose. I can picture it falling off.
    I say firmly that I am not willing to risk taking this tub to the other side of the world. However, it is surely still good for a pleasure cruise. I am willing to take it out for the day, on a jaunt around the bay. I look out with delight over sparkling blue waters.
    I am confident that even if we break down or spring a leak, we can get safely back to shore. Anchors away!

Feelings: I woke from this dream this morning feeling jolly and breezy.
Reality: The luxury boat reminds me of a private yacht in which I was fortunate enough to take a cruise, as an invited guest, from Rhodes along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey many years ago. I have not (yet) been to Goa or the Malabar coast, but I love spicy food and this region produces the spiciest food in the Indian subcontinent. Of course I notice that the state of the boat - classy but aging and in need of some maintenance - may also be an analog for the state of my body!
Intention: I had set an intention before sleep: I would like impetus for fresh writing.
Linking dream to intention: I think my dream producers gave me an elegant advisory on how to approach new creative writing in this period of my life: as a little pleasure cruise, or a succession of them. No need to go round the world on an immense agenda (though I might always get to Goa through a series of pleasure jaunts).

Action phrase (also my action plan): My writing life is a pleasure cruise.


nanette davis said...

good advice from the dream production advisors.

Astrea said...

Yes I dreamed that I saw you on that one. :)

riverpopes said...
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Jen said...

I love it! Classy but aging and in need of some maintenance! ;) Anchors away on your dream cruise! May it bring you great pleasure, may you spring no leaks and I have no doubts you will get back to shore safely! If it were my dream I would agree that a series of pleasure jaunts might be even more fulfilling and have more variety to them than an immense high maintenance agenda! I had a vision just now of you singing row row row your boat...merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream! You were floating in a tub on sparkling blue waters! The younger one of you was laughing with delight! Your writing Is is a pleasure cruise, and for many more than only

Cherie Scott said...

Love this piece Robert - particularly the ease of approaching writing as a pleasure cruise - very nice! Also the bit about linking dream with intention - that helps me with my intention and dream from last night. Thank you for modelling this process Robert. Doing this work in the webinar is (as you said it would) bringing back my vitality and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Kent Garner said...

It really pays to do regular maintenance work to keep your boat in top shape. There are other boats out there that have aged well, but can still race with the new ones. I believe you can turn your dreams to reality, since you have already laid out a good plan. You just have to take action to achieve it. All the best!

Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center

neeti said...

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