Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Birth of Apollo

I cannot be born
on solid ground,
only where everything flows.
To enter my dawn
you must be unbound
from how the fixed world goes.

Leave behind
your maps and losses,
let  dreams be all your law.
Trust the wind
when the ocean tosses,
burn your boats on the farther shore.

Make new songs
and your floating island
will be rooted beneath the waves.
Drink my sun
and you dance on the high land
your heart, remembering, craves.

This poem is included in Here, Everything Is Dreaming: Poems and Stories by Robert Moss. Published by Excelsior Editions. 

Island of Delos by Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann (1847). According to legend, Delos was a floating island until Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born there.

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