Thursday, September 26, 2019

Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul

The most important thing to know about humans is that they have souls, and that everybody starts out with more than one soul or else they wouldn’t be human.
   The world is getting into trouble because a lot of people have lost one or more of their souls. Sometimes, when that happens, a dark spirit gets in – something that does not belong to you – and makes you do crazy things you would never do if you belonged to yourself. Most often the soul-gone just move into the endless procession of the walking dead. They don’t feel anything truly anymore. They don’t remember that their life has any meaning beyond the little pleasures and pains they experience from day to day.
    Your world is in more danger than you know because you have lost the knowledge of soul. If you are going to make it through, you are going to have to recover the art of putting souls back in the bodies where they belong.

    You can’t know these things just because someone tells you about them. You can only know by going there and experiencing the other side for yourself. That is why dreaming is so important. It shows us where the soul is, and it opens the road for the soul to come home.
    There is more. Through dreaming, we recover the knowledge of our sacred purpose that belonged to us before we came into our present bodies. Then we can begin to live from our sacred purpose and unite ourselves to the powers of creation. We can also begin to get in touch with other members of our soul families who live in other places and times.

- from “The Teachings of Island Woman” in Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul by Robert Moss. Published by Inner Traditions.

Art: "Island Woman Shows Her Credentials" by Robert Moss

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