Thursday, July 28, 2022

My father came back decades after his death with a health warning

On this day in 2016, after surgery, I raised a glass of fine Oban whisky to toast and thank my father. He had died nearly nearly thirty years earlier, but he had turned up for me again, in the most vivid and helpful way, with a health advisory I acted upon.
    Early that month, in the liminal space between sleep and awake, I found myself on a high rooftop with sweeping views over a great city. In a corner of the rooftop terrace, standing near the edge, I saw my father.
    This was a tremendous surprise. Let me clarify. The reason for my surprise was not that my father was deceased. We had seen a lot of each other since his death. At his funeral, I felt his loving presence and his joy at being released from the confinement of an ailing body. Not long after, I was blessed by his direct intervention to make peace between family members.
    Soon he was able to present himself, in dreams and visions, in a youthful new body, resembling the one he had had as a dashing young cavalry officer, the equestrian champion of the Australian Army.

    Over several years, he often came to me in dreams and visions with specific guidance for the family, playing counselor and protector, As he moved through his transitions on the Other Side, he was able to share his experiences. As he remembered more about the multidimensional self and the relations between members of soul families across time and space, he was able to talk to me about our identities and connections in other life dramas. Eventually, he explained to me that he had graduated from his current life school on the Other Side and had made his choice about his next life experience. It was clear that we would no longer be able to see each other so frequently, if at all.
    Hence my surprise when I saw Dad on that high rooftop. I know he has been fully engaged in life adventures in another time. I did not expect to see him again this way in my own time..
    As soon as I saw him, I found myself standing in front of him, as if one or both of us had traveled without moving.
 . My father pointed a finger at my upper lip, at a spot on the right side. He said, "Go to a doctor and get that checked out."

    This was our entire exchange.
     I acted on Dad's counsel right away. I had had a spot just above my upper lip for a couple of years that did not look like a regular mole. It had started bothering me after I cut it while shaving and it took a long time to heal. However, I tend to avoid doctors and had not mentioned it to my general practitioner.
    Because of my father's intervention, I called a dermatologist when his office opened that morning. "That is something," he declared when I pointed to the spot above my lip. He did a biopsy. Wearing a Band-Aid mustache over the hole this opened in my face, I went ahead with my plan to make a personal odyssey to Yeats country in the west of Ireland. I got the results of the biopsy on the morning I caught a plane back from Dublin. The spot was what the skin doctor suspected: basal cell carcinoma.
    I was scheduled to lead two weeks of trainings, and went ahead with these, allowing my students to guess about why I was sporting a Band-Aid mustache. When I met the surgeon for a consultation, he told me that the procedure would leave a scar. We agreed that I could tell people that this was the result of a close encounter with a bear.
    The surgery was a complete success. It took a little while for the wound to heal and the sutures to come out and my lovely new "baby skin" to bloom but I felt absolutely fine.
    Problem solved, because my dead father found a way to get my attention.
    My father was a Scot by ancestry, and whisky was his preferred drink. The whisky in the glass looked like liquid sunlight.

   "Thanks, Dad!" I said aloud. "Here's to life!"

Drawing by RM


Unknown said...

Hi Robert, what a wonderful story, thanks for sharing! It always amazes me how prozaic, simple and straght to the point the messages from our deceased loved ones may get... I have both grandmothers and one of my grandfathers bringing me useful advice (and a warm hug sometimes). P.s. It made me smile just how much Your father's hands, smile and body posture resemble yours! P.p.s. I bet he keeps on smiling and holding your hand from the Other side ;-)

Seamus said...

Last year, I dreamt I was pulling ghastly slugs out of a hunch of beef. One slug would not come out, it finally broke off, leaving some inside. This made me think of a lingering spot on my cheek, so I went to the doctor, who cut the spot out. He said it was sending out roots, looking for a blood supply. Last week, I dreamt an ugly,brown lump burst apart into wasps which swarmed me. I'm calling the doctor again. Thank you, Robert.

MAWGEE said...

So glad you had it looked after. I had one taken off my forehead years,ago. We fair skinned Celts prone to them.
I shall swear I saw the bear!!
Peggy McKitty

marianne said...

Yes yes yes to this post. My son came to us and told us my sister in law needed her neck checked ASAP, when we asked him in meditation why she had lower back pain. My son kept telling us 'IN HER NECK!' and she went to have an MRI done on her back and neck...lo and behold she ha tumours all over her upper spine at C4, in her neck, and had emergency surgery done. A few days more and her spine at C4 would have been severed by the tumours. My son has come to soooo many of us and told us ahead of time things that will occur...and I am delighted to hear your story and how your dad is way ahead of it all, just as my son is...knowing who to come to and help...

Joshi said...

And this happend just during the time I have published your February workshops about communicating with the Other Side! Nice coincidence. I wish you many healthy years to follow, Robert..

Unknown said...

What a wonderful story Robert. Thank you so much for sharing. I will miss seeing you in Wisconsin in August. Maybe next year. Here's to life!

Rove said...

This is an inspiration. Thank goodness you followed up on it!

I have experienced health-info dreams as well..Once the whole image was just me looking down at puffy, swollen feet and waking up realizing I needed to change my lifestyle.

In another dream, I had tests at a doctors office--they called me in to discuss the results and it turned out that they had found an abnormality in my blood. I had teeny, tiny golden horseshoes flowing throughout my veins :) and I recognized that that was the reason I am so lucky in life.

Sr. Sheila said...

I'm so glad your father appeared to you and that all is well!!!

Jane Carleton said...

Oh dear Robert! A toast and love to your dear father and to you! I'm so glad you're OK! Your scar will be a great reminder of transtemporal love. Xo!

Unknown said...

How wonderful, and you are well, and with an excellent Bear tale. Oban is liquid sunshine Robert. Slàinte mhath

Celeste said...

So glad to hear of your life-saving connection with your father!

Christine said...

Beautiful. Grateful. Yes. 👏🏻💞

James Wilson said...

That's a wonderfull and comforting dream Robert. I'm glad your dad was able to warn you in time.

Shendaehwas said...

Thanks for sharing your story... I am glad you listened and saw your doctor...

Unknown said...

I would have gone with dueling scar. "Yes, I got this in a fencing duel with a jealous German husband. You should see him."

I had my DNA done and was shocked to find almost all of it came from the British Isles, Scotland and Wales. Then I was contacted by various DNA relatives and found out both sides of my family came to North America almost five hundred years ago. No wonder we have no memory of Europe.

I'm glad you're ok. Skin cancer is the bane of us old white guys. Sweet dreams. (Kym Chaffin).

Anonymous said...

So glad you had it looked after. I had one taken off my forehead years,ago. We fair skinned Celts prone to them.
I shall swear I saw the bear!!