Friday, April 29, 2016

Praise and Serve the Mother and Re-enchant the World

I am walking in deep, springy grass, humming a little hum, a bit like Winnie-the-Pooh.. Ahead of me, near a fine lake, is a great tree, and I know that important things are waiting for me if only I can open a door among the roots of this tree. In fact, I need to do this very much, because people are looking to me for direction I can only find if I go down to a world below the great tree. I can see their faces - the faces of decent family people in ordinary situations, all over. They are doing their best, but they need something more. 
     I understand that I can only gain access to the place where the guidance they need can be found by putting words to my hum. By finding the song that will be the key.
I wake from this dream with the hum in my mind, but not much more, beyond a sense of urgency. 
     I call a dear friend, Carol, who has companioned me in many adventures in dream travel and dream teaching. I ask her to come over and drum for me while I attempt to reenter my dream and find the song key.
     Soon we are together. I am stretched out on the rug, eyes closed, humming the hum I recall. As Carol gently taps the drum, words begin to come:

I am walking on the Mother
I am sailing on her skin

"Sailing" on her skin? A critical, editing part of my mind natters that this can hardly be correct. I ask that part of me to wait outside while I go on with this. Let me have this adventure and I'll talk to you later. (This, in my experience, is the best way to deal with the skeptic in the left brain, who has his place but must be reminded where that its.) As Carol  continues to drum, the first stanza becomes whole:

I am walking on the Mother
I am sailing on her skin
I become her child and lover
from the outside enter in

Now the flow is coming stronger, unstoppable:
I will praise the sky above her
I will praise her in the deep
I am dreaming of the Mother
she awakens me from sleep

Walk lightly on the Mother
and let her grace unfold
Praise and serve the Mother
and re-enchant the world

Oh, I need to hear those last lines again:

Praise and serve the Mother
and re-enchant the world

Now, in my lucid wide-awake dream, I am approaching the roots of the great tree. An opening appears, like a door, and I go through it without hesitation. I go down into a velvety, breathing dark. Then a great shape, formed of the Earth itself, takes form and embraces me. I am enfolded within the body of the Great Mother. She holds me and nurses me like a baby, and I feel love and healing coursing through every part of my body.
     Now I am allowed to go deeper, into a kind of Creative Cave in a world below our world of appearances. Here I find powerful guidance and direction, to be shared with those who have been waiting.
     When I signal for Carol to end the drumming, I have the song, and the directions. I recall that in the Mohawk language (which I was obliged to learn because of my dreams) the word for "song" - ka'renna - literally means, "I am putting forth my power."

I have shared the song of the Mother gathering of active dreamers in special places. When we sing the chorus together, we know we are on our way, to "re-enchant the world." I shared it in my last class for my current online"Quantum Dreaming" course for The Shift Network, and saw the doors to the deeper world opening again.

 Art: "Tree Crossroads of Worlds" by Annick Bougerolle


Unknown said...

Oh dear me,I've been humming this tune ever since the Quantum class, It feels deeply sweet and a bit sad at the same time

archangel said...

Wow! Good stuff, Robert! You have so much to offer this world.
Is matter "sung" into being? is a response that comes through. Reminds me of faeries who once told me that they "download energy." We have so many nature spirits to thank for their songs over us, giving us life....enchanting us.

Chickens Consigliere said...

I had a dream last night about trees falling apart. Trunks were splitting and great pieces were falling to the ground. In another forest close by there were sweet potato trees and those trees also had falling limbs. I came to realize the sweet potato limbs were female and the other tree limbs were male. Then I woke up. I'm reading one of your books and I knew I should somehow honor the dream. I decided to start with the sweet potato tree. So I googled isweet potato tree because, call me crazy, but I don't think sweet potato trees are a thing. The search brought me to a recipe for sweet potato wedges in which the writer talks about a book written by a forestry expert about the secret lives of trees-how they communicate and grow together as families in communities. I searched for the book because I love this idea and I found it, It is not actually being published until Sept 2016 but I was able to preorder. Sorry for rambling on. It's just so cool, this process. I can't wait to learn more.

wateriris said...

A couple of years ago, during a reunion of the Indigenous Mind group of which I am a part, we met with an Alaskan elder. After each of us told our story, he reminded us that all we do, either in joy or pain, has the purpose of healing the Mother and that what we do is important. This helped put our lives into perspective. Hearing your song, lovely and powerful, confirms what this marvelous man told us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me,I've been humming this tune ever since the Quantum class, It feels deeply sweet and a bit sad at the same time