Saturday, December 12, 2015

Be kind to dream fragments

Be kind to dream fragments.

Feel them as twitches on the line that tell you there are big fish in the water. Hold to that thought, and something from the deep may allow you to reel it in later. It may leap into your hand, if you are quiet and patient and ready.

Sprinkle your dream bits on the breakfast table, and through the day. Let them be the trail of breadcrumbs that will draw bright birds and wild foxy friends from the forests of the night.

Make sure you put lots of little dream scraps in your journal. Let it become the bird feeder that will draw the gorgeous hummingbirds of the heart. Let them fill your life with all the colors of imagination.

photo by Meredith Eastwood


Unknown said...

I love this, thanks Robert, you are such an inspiration. A very poetic and inspiring urging :)

Unknown said...

I have been lamenting my poor dream recall lately. Some fragments appeared in twightlight sleep, I've been nurturing those. So enjoyed your dream classes.

Tami Brunk said...

Oh yes. Thank you!!! I love dream fragments! In my first workshop with you Robert, I struggled to recall my dreams and the very last night, the fragments I received and your and other students' help at the breakfast table absolutely changed my life. My two mantras from those momentous fragments: "Don't forget to feed the wild birds," and "I will no longer dismember myself to fit into ordinary reality." Infinite gratitude for these teachings.