Friday, June 13, 2014

The Ka of Mau has restored the crown

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The tall cabinet is the kind that is sometimes called a secretary. There is a pull-out writing surface between the drawers below and the glass-fronted bookcase above. There are intriguing objects visible behind the glass - statues, vases, family heirlooms. However, the object that I want to access is on top of the cabinet. To get to it, I will need to climb onto the opened desk part of the secretary. The whole thing is rickety and I doubt that the desk can bear my weight. A friend volunteers to hold everything steady but I don't trust her ability to do this. I don't want to risk breaking the contents of the secretary. They belong - or once belonged - to an extraordinary older woman I regard with great respect and affection.
   So I turn to other things.
   I am startled by the arrival of a whole pack of cats. There are at least six or seven of them. They are long-eared, short-haired, lean and wiry and very supple. They stretch and sport and show themselves off in different postures. All vary Egyptian, I think. Wait a minute. They are Egyptian. I am sure of it.
   A gray cat separated herself from the others. She springs up on my lap and gazes intently at my face. Her eyes are strange. I expect the slit eyes of a regular cat, but these eyes at first seem blank. Their substance - light gray in color, and flecked found the edges - makes me think of a statue. I also think about ancient bronze mirrors.
   I read the cat's fierce intention. She wants me to know that she is my helper, and that she will bring what belongs to me if she has my approval. Absolutely.
   She springs to the top of the secretary with one bound and jumps down with something in her paws that looks like an enormous flower. She brings it to me and places it in my hands. It is so light and beautiful. I recognize the white conical center piece and the high flanking ostrich plumes. This is the atef crown of ancient Egypt.
   A voice in the dream says, "The Ka of Mau has restored the crown."

Feelings on waking: Gratitude, delight, surprise
Reality: I am preparing to open a workshop in Ann Arbor titled "Dreaming Like an Egyptian". Cats were sacred in Egypt, were sometimes mummified, appear in many statues, and were known to have Ka souls that were fed - like those of humans - after death. The atef crown combines the conical white hedjet crown of Upper Egypt with twin ostrich plumes. Osiris wears it. So do Sobek, the crocodile god, and others,

"Mau brings me the atef crown" drawing (c) Robert Moss June 13, 2014


Gail said...

"The Ka of Mau" sounds very close to "Cat and Mouse".

Anonymous said...

Last night I dreamt someone was telling me I needed to learn the ancient regions of egypt: Ka, Ra and Mau.

Linda Fialkoff said...

Hi Robert...In my dream of your dream I am struck with the pun on words: the secretary IS a helper in waking life. You need a "secretary" or helper and help is offered but it is a challenge for you to trust. In order to reach the top, you must let go of caring so much about the past (relics on a shaky piece of furniture) and allow others to lend strength. In the dream there are many your coming workshop are many adepts, who have walked with you before and can assist you. A crown is being restored might imply that the crown had been once lost...restoration of potency (king) comes with getting our needs and wants truly met. A king always has servants and gets his needs met. Allow others to assist you in all ways possible. The crown in my dream of your dream also has to do with the crown chakra, (upper Egypt) and you being a more powerful channel of divine energy when you let go of wanting control.
ps Robert, you are the most awesome dream teacher I had the honor of learning with, and I use what you taught me in all ways.
Linda Fialkoff