Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ganesh Splash

A woman in an online forum I lead reported a dream in which she watches three elephants bowing to me with deep reverence. Then they rise up and splash me copiously with water sprayed from their trunks. She has the feeling that this is to make sure I don't get puffed up over the honor they have given me. In her dream, I welcome this with laughter and joy.
     I chuckled when I read this account, and also felt that little tingle that comes when life rhymes. About the same time she was posting her dream, I was spraying members of a workshop circle in Connecticut with salted water, my favorite psychic cleansing agent. Having given them their shower, I proceeded to splash myself with water from the same vessel.
    There was another rhyme. That same morning, I shared or reported three unlikely and mildly embarrassing screw-ups in front of the group, of the kind that made it entertainingly clear that the leader was far from infallible.
I felt confirmation, when I read the dream report, that I had received a trunk call from Ganesh, the elephant-headed form of the Gatekeeper beloved and honored in India. From now on, I think I'll add the term "Ganesh Splash" to my personal lexicon of the modes of meaningful coincidence.

Ganesh Splash: An unlikely and mild embarrassment that prevents you from taking yourself too seriously (or allowing yourself to be guru-ized by others), produced with love and laughter.


Savannah said...

What a brilliant rhyming moment! Hmmm... it occurs to me Ganesha came upon the head of a demon elephant when his own father beheaded him in a fit of jealous rage, then tricked the demon into giving his life. I think he'd be inclined to trunkate anyone who takes themselves too seriously after that :-). There's something wonderfully earthy about this gatekeeper figure for me - I was reminded of a story of King Kubera who invites Ganesha to lunch hoping to gain the favour of his mother Parvati. When Ganesha arrives at the King's home he is insatiable, cleaning up the banquet, then literally eating the king out of his home and possessions, and stopping just short of devouring the king himself. When the king recogises the mirror of his own greed and offers the elephant god a loving spoonful of rice pudding, his wealth is instantly restored - at which time Ganesha settles down for a long nap after a rather huge meal :-).

The Gaslit Butterfly said...

Dear Robert,
Glad you shared this one. I too, had dreams and visions of getting sprayed by elephant trunks about 1 and a half weeks ago, after attending a Karunamayi Homa Fire Ceremony in Sunnyvale. Blue Ganesha surrounded Karunamayi and his energy was palpable the entire time. I have a beautiful lapis ganesha, that Suzette currently keeps at her place, that I was given by my reiki master and have always found it to be a powerful protective talisman for me and anyone I share it with.

Wanda Burch said...

Coincidental to that post I had just read a NYTimes interview with two young women living in New York City. The interviewer had asked about the treasure trove of porcelain elephants decked out in all sorts of jewels. The elephants covered their bedroom dresser and all their trunks were raised. The girls explained, in the interview, that raised trunks were a symbol of extreme good luck. So I posted that in my vision of the dream Robert that three elephants with their trunks raised were three times extremely good luck. So, honoring Robert and bathing him in good luck is an auspicious sign of great Ganesh things to come!

Robert Moss said...

Savannah - Thanks for these marvelous stories of Ganesh/Gaṇeśa. His head games are better than most! I love the earthiness and humor that he usually brings.

Robert Moss said...

Andria - As with my trunk call, I would take that as a very direct prompt not to take myself too seriously!

Robert Moss said...

Wanda - I'll take that good luck!