Sunday, August 23, 2009

May the Forest Be With You

I surfaced rather late today, and my little dog was dancing in his eagerness to be walked to the park. As we set off, I was thinking about the community dreaming assignment I announced in "Cry of the Trees". There has been a terrific response to that invitation. Some regional circles of active dreamers are gathering to build the Dream Tree with physical ceremonies and journey on our mutual attention with drumming. Many individual dreamers have made time to walk in nature and commune with the trees. Many more have simply made it their intention to seek to be in the forest world - and to learn from it - in their dreams and relaxed moments.
-    So, with this on my mind, I walk to the corner of my city block. There at the corner, literally three doors from my house, I see a pickup truck with the bumper sticker: MAY THE FOREST BE WITH YOU.
-    Coincidence is when the universe gets personal. Before I got to the trees, with my dog, I feel they came to me, in unlikely urban mode. I savored this example of how life rhymes - and how the world speaks to us when we pay attention - as I sat on a great limb of a weeping beech, inside its dense leaf curtains. I call that weeping beech the Whispering Tree, because often young people come here to gossip or to snog. Today, I had the beech to myself. I did not hear its voice, but in the dappled light the vision came to me of a great grove of trees - each with its own identity, medicine and magic, and each with a human Speaker to bring through its wisdom and the needs of its kind. Plenty to dream on...And may the forest be with you!


Robin O’Neal said...

Wonderful synchronicity! I love that the bumper sticker is on a "Frontier," too!

Robert Moss said...

Thanks, Robin. My bumper sticker for today, on the back of a different pickup that stopped on a corner right in front of me, butt out so I couldn't possibly miss the message, was this: "DID YOU LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD TODAY?"