Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Date in the Moon Cafe

“I don’t see why we can’t go on seeing each other after I die,” a thoughtful elderly New England woman called Dorothy told her daughter Meg. “We’ve always enjoyed each other and I’d like to stay in touch and help you in any way that I can. But I don’t want to be hanging on and getting in your way as some dead people do.”

Dorothy agreed with her daughter that when she passed on, the two of them would try to meet each other in a comfortable space on the Other Side. Walking together in the moonlight on Dorothy’s favorite beach in Maine, they had the feeling that the place they needed might be there – not on the physical moon, of course, but in the astral realm of the Moon.

The details remained a bit fuzzy until they came to one of my workshops in which we practice the art of dream travel. They both fizzed with excitement when I announced that the group would embark on a night journey to the Moon, with the specific intention of learning about the possible experiences of the spirit in this realm prior to birth and following physical death.

In the darkened room, after calling in protection for the journey, I encouraged the dreamers lying on rugs and cushions on the floor to let the vision of the pathway become more and more vivid in their minds: the path of moonlight on water, leading to the bright face of a full moon on the horizon. “Let the drum make it easy to enter a different space and explore the realm of Luna.”

After the drumming session, Dorothy and Meg were eager to share their experiences.

“I went back to my favorite beach in Maine,” Dorothy told us. “It was so easy to get up there. I just rode a moonbeam that was shining across the water up to the bright face of the Moon.

“I was welcomed by Gabriel. I was a little embarrassed. I couldn’t quite believe that an archangel would take an interest in little me. But he made it clear to me that he is Gabriel, and reminded me that he is the archangel of the Moon.

“Gabriel asked me why I had come, and I told him, I need a very special place, a place where I can meet my beloved daughter after I die.

“I was escorted to a large, comfortable white house with huge windows. Looking through the windows, I could see out to the universe, and down to the Earth.

“This place is perfect. I know now that when I need to reach Meg, after I have passed on, all I have to do is send moonbeams down to her.”

Meg nodded vigorously, her eyes shining with tears. She told us that in her own journey, she had toured the white house but had also traveled beyond it, to explore environments that she and her mother would enjoy in the future. She had visited a Moon Café, where she had sampled “moon pie” and sweetened something like coffee – which she and her mother loved – with “moonball sugar”.

She smiled at her mother and announced, “We’re all set.”


Unknown said...

Robert, this is so wonderful and freeing. I'm going to pattern my actions toward these goals as I age.

I look at my father who is 94 and terrified of dying and clinging onto a's very sad. His "religion" is of no use to him and he sees demons, hears them in his dreams as they taunt him. He had one dream that he was fighting a demon and woke with a bad bruise on his own face! If this wasn't sad it would be funny. Actually, it is funny. He calls them demons, but I don't think they really are. Someone is trying to get his attention....

Anyway, my father is a cautionary example I intend to heed.

Sure appreciate this blog.

Robert Moss said...

Dear Naomi, Maybe you can grow a dream for your father, in which he moves beyond his demons or discovers they are angels disguised by his fear - and tell it to him as a story he can hear and receive that will help him on his journey. It's never too early, or to late, for us to seek to move beyond fear to recognize Death as an ally. You'll find practical guidance on applying our active dreaming techniques to help the dying to get ready for the BIG journey in my "Dreamer's Book of the Dead".

Unknown said...

Robert, I have the book and have read it. I will read it again with that purpose in mind. I often re read books and find that another book is there! Guess it's because of what was "on my mind" while I was reading. I hate that but that's just how it is sometimes.

My father and I have not been close, he's not a man that my sister or myself have many good memories of. So, this dreaming I'll do should help me too for the end.


P.S. I'm setting up a library, studio and a gallery on the other side!!!! And a pastry shop and coffee.....of course. I haven't figured out where it's going to be though. How do I choose a place?