Thursday, March 1, 2018

Your soul throws an image ahead of you

When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.
The words are  from the medieval mystic Meister Eckhart. He knew about the laws of the larger reality through direct experience. The master is telling us something vitally important about our relationship with time and about the secret of manifestation.
He draws us to think about the confluence between what medieval theologians called the Aevum – the realm between time and eternity – and events in our world. It is in the Aevum that the incidents and circumstances of our physical lives are generated, through the agency of imagination, that great faculty of soul. On most days, most of us, sequestered from soul and its knowing, are merely receivers of the results of choices made in this realm that is hidden from the ordinary mind.
Who knew where we stood?
In an aevum maybe, where time’s conferred
with the beginning we gave it,
but with no end in sight.
These beckoning lines are from a poem titled “Aevum” by M.E.Caballero-Robb. They strengthen the enjoinder to walk through a day – why not today? – with Meister Eckhart’s thought. That means asking, of whatever develops during the day, What image am I now entering? And, Where and how was this image created?
Energized by these reflections, we can go a long step further; we can seek to be present, as conscious co-creators, in the place where soul makes its choices on what we – as its vehicles – will experience in the world.
If this sounds like mysticism, it is mysticism of a very practical order. We are talking about how worlds are made, and re-made.

Image: Meister Eckhart portal, Erfurt church


Sharron O'Reilly said...

Today was one of those days, where there is a sense of de ja vu running through many of the small things of the daily living moments. It was a good day , of making lists , and checking them off when they've been completed - lists worked for me today. They kept me moving and flowing forward when there was little in the way of passion to move me forward.
Well that's all pretty boring - besides the sweet feeling of de ja vu- the fun part was ...
While taking a bath , i was playing a very mind numbing game , where you search for words in a letter jumble ;there are a set number of specific words the game is looking for you to put together in order to allow you to move to the next level. Again ....long winded and a little boring ....hahaha.
As I was moving from one level to the next , I thought maybe I 'd take a look at your blog; always an entertaining thing to do. And with the thought the next letter jumble letters appeared: M O C O S S . To be find : 1- ( 6) letter word. 1 - (4) letter word , and 1- (3) letter word. Sure it doesn't take an intelligence agent to bring this solution in ;) ... but how fun?!

Sandy Brown Jensen said...

I hope you plan to discuss this very startling idea in more depth and with multiple examples in future posts. It seems unlike other states of being such as dreaming, drum-journeying, active imagination, etc. although no doubt related. I hesitate to pretend I know exactly what you mean and look forward to your further explorations of it.