Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You walk in many worlds

Part of the secret logic of our lives may be that our paths constantly interweave with those of numberless parallel selves, sometimes converging or even merging, sometimes diverging ever farther. The gifts and failings of these alternate selves — with all the baggage train of their separate lives — may influence us, when our paths converge, in ways that we generally fail to recognize. Yet a sudden afflux of insight or forward-moving energy may be connected with joining up with an alternate and lively self, just as a sour mood of defeat or a series of otherwise inexplicable setbacks may relate to the shadow of a different parallel self, a Sad One or a Dark One.
   It is possible that every choice we make spins off a parallel event track with different outcomes. This is becoming the mainstream view of physics, as in Many Worlds theory. In this multidimensional universe, in our multidimensional self, we are connected to many counterpart personalities living in other times, other probable realities, other dimensions. According to the choices that we make and the dramas that we live, we sometimes come closer to them, and sometimes, in a sense, we step through a portal, we step through an opening between the worlds, we step through an interdimensional membrane, and our issues and our lives and our dramas and our gifts and our karma are joined.
   Then there is our relationship to other personalities, living in the past or future, whose dramas are connected to our own and may all be going on simultaneously. I think of a
Mongolian warrior shaman who appeared in a recent dream, standing at a threshold. Behind him is a vast plain—a plain of battle, a plain of struggle. He is wearing a long, heavy coat of skins and furs. His headdress is a helmet with furs. He has bronze shaman’s mirrors and metal charms all over him. I look at this man in my dream, standing in the threshold between his reality and mine. I know that he is living at least eight centuries ago, yet we are connected now. We know each other. We are connected in a multidimensional drama and this may generate events in both our lives that will appear as “chance” to those who cannot find the trans-temporal pattern.
    Such connections may be triggered by travel. You go to a new place, and you encounter the spirits of that land — including personalities that may be part of your own multidimensional story.

    Part of the secret logic of our lives is that we are all
connected to counterpart personalities living in other times and other probable universes. Their gifts and challenges can become part of our current stories, not only through linear karma but through the interaction now across time and dimensions. The dramas of past, future or parallel personalities can affect us now. We can help or hinder each other.
     In the model of understanding I have developed, this family of counterpart souls is joined on a higher level by sort of hub personality, an “oversoul”, a higher self within a hierarchy of higher selves going up and up. The choices that you make, the moves that you make, can attract or repel other parts of your larger self.
    The hidden hand suggested by synchronistic events may be that of another personality within our multidimensional family, reaching to us from what we normally perceive as past or future, or from a parallel or other dimension.

Text adapted from Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library.

Drawing of Mongol warrior shaman by Robert Moss


Sandy Brown Jensen said...

I’ve read that book over and over, and I’d swear I’d never encountered this startling model of the human soul before. If I think about it out of the corners of my eyes, it makes at least a metaphorical sense and accounts for how fragmented some people are. It is a model that ignites the imagination and now lingers with me to mull over and test against experience.

Patricia said...

Last night when I stepped out of a time or space capsule I could see two mountain ranges, both with temples and a large valley between them. I did not see the body I was in, but it felt younger and I was a woman. I said in the dream of a structure in the middle of the valley that it was a sun temple. I always listen when my dreaming self speaks to the mind of the dreamer like this. Across the valley (large and flat to the other mountain range) I could see the temple there was different structure from the one beside me. It was possibly in a dip in the range? I felt like I had to take this holy milk to the other temple. I carried it in a shallow bowl and knew it would be best not to wake those in the temple on the mountain side beside me. Well, I spilled most of it, did a bit of cursing, woke up someone at the temple and then ran into a safe space rather like an out house. When I was peering through the slats of wood I saw a man very much like your drawing. He wasn't wearing swords but boy did he have lots of shinning things on his robe of red and gold colored. He wore that funny fur hat and had dark almost black hair. Oddly I wasn't real afraid of him, even though he was an extremely big guy. I knew if he saw me I'd never make it to the other temple, so I stayed hidden and then woke up.