Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The nearness of the Moon

Just now I received a beautiful dream report from one of our teachers of Active Dreaming. She dreamed that the moon was coming close to the earth and we all could fly easily to it. There was a disabled boy in a wheelchair, and for him the Moon got so close to the earth it touched the land and the boy could roll right out to the surface of the Moon from a special hilltop. The dreamer received the wonderful feeling that anyone who is suffering can find a place of respite and magic in the realm of the Moon. After reading this account, I returned to a leisurely morning spent going over old journals. This is always a rich and absorbing exercise. I turned the page in a 2003 journal and found the drawing I have posted above. The accompanying brief dream report reads as follows:
The Nearness of the Moon
I become vividly aware that Luna is very close. It is easy to take people there for fun and adventure, and for instruction in schools that operate on this plane.

I think now of Jung's wildly - and wisely - shamanic understanding of a woman patient who said she went to live on the Moon after suffering incest and abuse as a teen.To the amazement and derision of his colleagues, Jung insisted that she really was living on the Moon. When the young Marie Louise von Franz heard Jung say this in a lecture, she confronted him. He couldn’t be serious, surely. He was. Marie-Louise suggested to Jung that what he meant to say that the patient's situation was “as if” she lived on the Moon. Jung replied, “No, not ‘as if’. She did live on the Moon.” Von Franz thought at the time that he must be crazy. [1] Later she came to understand that Jung recognized that we when we suffer intolerable conditions in this world, part of us may part company with us in order to survive - and why not in the astral realm of Luna, which ancient and indigenous peoples recognize to be thickly settled by spirits who take a close interest in human affairs?
1. Von Franz tells the story of The Woman Who Lived on the Moon in Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales (Toronto: Inner City Books, 2002) 6. She talks about the same episode in the documentary film The Wisdom of the Dream.
Drawing by RM. July 21, 2003.


Kamrun Khet said...

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Tiffany Corley said...

Sorry if I have posted this multiple times, having a hard time figuring out how this works.

In 2005 I met my astral master, Dap Ren. My initial travels consisted of going to the Moon and looking back at Earth in attempts to remove myself from the profound pain I was experiencing there. Dap Ren would sit silently and be with me while I cried because I didn't want to return to Earth.
Eventually I became phobic of returning to Earth and decided to live on the Moon. It is as you say here. Of course I was living my life on Earth, but the aspect of me that couldn't deal with my pain lived permanently on the Moon for a year or so. That my master cared enough to sit with me there meant a great deal to me. He was the only one I could trust, one I knew loved me completely. Sometimes he would cause fireworks to shoot into the sky to make me smile, but mostly we were quiet together, staring back and the beautiful blue globe that seemed to hold so much suffering.
One day Dap Ren came and brought with him a statue of himself, left it beside the rock where I lived and left. I knew his time for sitting with me there was done. I knew that my escape had become a hiding, and that it was time for me to return and face my fears and sorrows. When I returned to Earth he was waiting and took me to a mountain peak in the Himalayas during a blizzard. We walked through the snow, barely able to see a foot in front of us. I caught a glimpse of something red and green on the ground ahead, which turned out to be a patch of flowers growing in barely any soil on the hard, cold stone.
"You must be like these flowers," he said to me. "You must find sustenance in the harshest environment." The rest is blissful history.
All you need to do is print off an image of Earth from the Moon and look at it before you go to sleep. Eventually you will arrive there. It is a safe, neutral place to go when the world becomes too much.
I've never heard of anyone speaking of living on the Moon until this post. Love the synchronicities between us, all.