Sunday, February 7, 2016

The shimmer effect of gods among us

I observe powers of the deeper world moving among humans. Some of these powers are called gods in certain cultures. A Jungian might call them archetypes. Most humans are utterly unaware of their presence.
   When they are in the field - noticed or invisible, invoked or uninvoked - their simple presence effects a radical change in the ordinary world. It creates a "shimmer effect". The fabric of physical reality in their vicinity becomes fluid and unstable. It produces changes that may be experiences by humans as coincidences or anomalies.
    I realize the importance of being alert for the presence of these powers. If we can learn to make the right move during the period of "shimmer", we can help manifest extraordinary things.

I note in my journal: I woke from this dream in my second sleep thrilled with excitement

Reality check: I think this may be an entirely accurate glimpse of how things work when beings from multidimensional reality move close to the human sphere.


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nina said...

Thank you a lot for a beautiful account of encounters and visitations of all sorts... Unfortunately, we too often remain spiritually blind to deeper forces.
In the rabbinic tradition the story is told about a young man who is on the run and people from a town are willing to hide him. Soldiers arrive and search for him without any result. Still they suspect that the fugitive must be there and threaten to destroy the whole place if he is not handed over the following morning. The frightened people run to their pastor for help. He spends all the night looking for the right solution in the Holy Book and finally before dawn comes upon the sentence: It´s better if one man dies for all people than all people perish for one person. In the morning the fugitive is delivered to soldiers.
People from the town are happy and celebrate, only the pastor is deeply troubled. The angel appears to him and asks him about his worry. The pastor confesses: "I still don´t feel fine about rendering the young man." The angel tells him: "You didn´t know that the runaway was the Messiah?" "How could I know?" the pastor asks. "If you, instead of reading the Bible, had visited the man and looked into his eyes, you would have known he was the Messiah."
Maybe this story is a small reminder that seeing the truth is not really wanted by most of us because we are too scared to change.