Thursday, May 26, 2016

Raven at the Gate between Worlds

Raven sits in the doorway between the worlds.
He is black on my side,  white on the other.
Raven says, You have more power than you know.
You don't have to go on repeating yourself forever.

Once you remember that you've had this illness before
and gone through its whole progression
you can choose to release it from your present body
into a parallel world. It is the same with any scenario.

Once you recollect that you came this way
and suffered this consequence on your present road
or the roads of dreaming you can move the chain
to another of the many worlds. There may be a price.

To keep the boy from drowning in the deep blue pool
you may need to pay my counterpart in the coin
of the country, in rum and tobacco, or a black goat.
Talk nicely to your gatekeepers. Show some manners.

Don't forget that when you send off disease or disaster
to a parallel world you can stir a parallel self
out of sleep. If he wakes up and remembers you
he may decide to return your gift, with interest.

drawing (c) Robert Moss

1 comment:

Sal Ruiz said...

Robert..., What simply and succinctly well written poetry, as well as a clear, exact descriptive example of how the worlds are truly interacting and blended all together.
Moreover, your descriptive poem is precisely conveying the shaman's journey, or the wounded healers journey--Chiron's journey! But you know that, already.