Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mosswood directions

Mosswood directions

Go to the core of the squeaky avocado
to know why the mermaid keeps tripping
down slimy steps on her fish tail.
Sort out the dad who can't smash a piƱata
to help the lost child in the woods come home.
Don't listen to talking heads on any wave.
Join the makeover crew who get people ready
to party by the light of the Moon. 

Place your hands over prints of the ancestors
on the cave wall that yields to your pressure 
and lets you into a world behind the world
or releases into your world, through your touch,
beasts with wings, goddesses with hooves,
the obdurate seed of the soft green earth. 

Stand with the great stump that nurses new life
and say from your belly, “I grow back.”
Remember the spirits love you and will keep
changing their skins until you join their embrace.

- May 20, 2019

In my writing retreats we play a version of my Coincidence Card Game in which we swap stories and images as starter dough. giving each other permission to borrow and adapt whatever we want to play with. This little poem is a hybrid of images shared in the first round of the game in my current retreat at Mosswood Hollow.

Photo of Great Stump by RM

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