Sunday, January 6, 2019

Invitation to the Voyage of Imagination

The secret of manifesting a desirable future through the power of imagination is to take yourself to a scene in which you are enjoying the fulfillment of a deep desire.
You will name that desire and you will check that your body believes you and your heart is with you. You will project yourself into a place in the possible future where you have manifested your heart's desire.

This is more than a visualization. You must taste it, touch it, feel it, inhabit it richly with all your inner senses. You must bring back sensory impressions you can hold in your body.   

Then every day you arouse those impressions in your body and let them become fully physical. With this your vision of the outcome you desire will grow stronger and closer.   

Do you need a prompt to get you started? Frame your intention: to find your dream home, or publish your book, or achieve healing and recovery, or union with your perfect partner. Make sure you reach into your heart and your gut in framing your intention. Let it be more than an agenda coming from your head.    

Now picture this: you are looking at a golden path leading into deep, rich woods. You are going to follow this path as far as you need to go to reach the place or the encounter that will embody your fulfillment of your desire. 

You will be in this situation with all your inner senses. I do mean be there. Taste it, touch it, smell it, open your hearing as well as your vision.

You will bring back a vivid, tactile impression you can hold in your body as well as your mind. 

Here's a simple example of how this recently worked for me. On the eve of a total knee replacement, I set the intention of achieving fast and full recovery. I had been told that while the surgery today is usually straightforward and successful, the rehab phase can be long and painful and frustrating.    

With the aid of a little shamanic drumming - less than five minutes - I set off on that golden path into the woods. I breathed in the freshness of evergreens, laced with wild berries and the sweet decay of nurse logs. I heard birdsong and the stir of animals in the undergrowth.    

I found myself moving at increasing speed, excited by the wild beauty of the woods around me, eager to see what might be waiting for me round the next bend of that golden path. 

And there he was, three times my height. I was shocked to find him on my path, though I have long counted him an ally in healing and all my shamanic work. The bear was the color of golden honey. 

He swept me up into his embrace and we danced together. His fur was soft and smelled like fine cashmere. He span me loose and inspired me to dance solo, in a free-spirited Irish jig. My body felt strong and supple.  
I came back from this journey certain that I had been given the perfect vision for manifesting fast and full recovery. I immediately celebrated the bear by eating salmon and berries. I purchased a fine honey-colored cashmere scarf to hold the wonderful smell and feel of the golden bear's fur in my senses.

After knee replacement, I found my body healing very well with the help of the golden bear. I was discharged from hospital the morning after surgery after a physical therapist checked me out and declared that my body had remarkable flexibility, already able to accomplish exercises that might take others months to master. 

Two weeks after surgery, I took myself off opioid painkillers and was given a rating of 121 percent for mobility by an outpatient physical therapist. I started walking my little dog and managed an 8-block ramble round the neighborhood less than three weeks after surgery. 
I'm pretty sure the day will come when I will do that Irish jig. 
Are you inspired to embark on a journey towards manifesting what you deeply desire? 
Your ideal departure point for this voyage of imagination is the twilight space between sleep and awake when your body is dormant. 

You can set off the shaman's way, with the help of drumming. I have made a recording of my own shamanic drumming that is ideal for this as well as lucid dream adventures.

Bon voyage!

Art: "The Invitation" by Lalenya Laurie Vann


James Wilson said...

First of all, the best wishes for the new year. And I wish you a successful recovery with your knee. Thank you for your inspiring story. Your advice sounds like a good intention for the new year.

Della Burford said...

Happy New Year. What a fantastic journey! If it were my dream I would be thrilled to have my ally come
to assist me in healing and know all is possible! I would be irish jigging down my yellow brick road. Take care