Monday, October 15, 2018

The Ambush

Down there in the root cellar of my life,
in the breathing dark, is a beast
that would terrify others but I know
to be a vital ally capable of taking on
the world. Not this time.
When I part the darkness
I find the sweetest of dinosaurs,
a confirmed vegetarian, 
willing to bend his neck to the children 
who are riding him with happy smiles. 
The kids are taking over my energy map.
I am amazed but not altogether surprised
because they have been setting ambushes for many years.

I go up one level and am on more adult ground
in the juicy space of my sex creative center.
There is the lovely insatiable leopard
admiring her beauty in the flowing stream.
The tiger comes through the lush undergrowth to join her.
I start to suspect that though we are old allies
 he has come this time in the children's cause.
The bright young girl has a tiger who lives in a striped sofa
 when he wants to stay unobserved
 and likes to sing songs in French.
Wait. There is more going on. A magnificent salmon
rears from the waters arching his gleaming back.
I revel in his potency but shed no tears
when a no less magnificent eagle drops from the skies,
talons outstretched, and claims him for dinner. 

I go higher, to the place of the animal powers in my solar plexus.
A great savannah opens before me, teeming with wild things.
The lion comes at once, tolerating no confusion
about who is boss in this energy domain.
But he comes to direct me to further discoveries.
I must know the elephants. I watch them move
with the precision of ballet dancers under their heavy majesty.
The leader carries a howdah in his back.
Under its bright fluttering canopy are children again,
delighted by their high adventure. They wave to me
and I know I must join with them to receive an incalculable gift.
It is the most magical of all tools for writing.
I see it now, Ganesha’s tusk, in the hand of the green-coated
elephant king the children invite to their tea parties.
I can’t miss the message: if you want the strength of a deity to write
a big story, you must bring the kids with you and in you. 

- Barcelona, October 13, 2018

A band of adventurous children,  among whom I recognize several of my Boy Roberts. have been pursuing me for many years. wanting me to write books for them and with them. While I was drumming for a group shamanic journey through the energy centers in my Barcelona training, they succeeded in taking over my own energy map. I think they have made their case. We'll see what stories we bring through together.

Journal drawing by RM

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