Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When dreams begin to come back

People who don't believe in dreams are people who have lost their dreams. When they say they don't dream, they are really saying they don't remember, because they don't make room for dreams in their lives, or because they are hiding from their shadows. 

Those who have lost their dreams have sometimes lost the bright dreamer within themselves. Be gentle with a person who is in this condition.. Don't argue when he tries to tread on your dreams. He has no idea what is underfoot. 
The day may come when a dream comes looking for him, fluttering and shimmering like a butterfly. It may have come all the way from the lands of Lost Boys and Girls where beautiful bright child souls go when the ordinary world seems too cold and too cruel. 
When you sense the glow of a dream returning to someone who has been bereft of dreams, give it a secret welcome. 

Be patient and crafty and wise when the dream manages to find a soft spot in the hard head of the person who didn't believe in dreams. Your friend is going to need confirmation and validation that he is not going crazy. 

He's going to want help to honor the dream and make it at home in his life. He's going to need someone to help him feel safe as he takes the razor glass off the fence and turns on the porch light to encourage more dreams to come home.

When he tries to understand what his dream wants him to hear, he'll need someone who will not steal his dream by telling him what it means and draining its juice into the cold retort of analysis. He'll need someone who knows the roads of dreaming, and will speak as a sympathetic traveler, not a guru, saying "If it were my dream" not "That's how it is".
He is going to need you, dear dreamer.

Art: Tinker Bell by Roy Best (1931)

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Unknown said...

i've missed dreams so... Awaking on the far side of mute empty feels like opportunity lost amidst a pile of hourglass sand. Last night, however, brought a strange and lucid dream strong enough to stick. Wandering threads this morning have led me here. Lovely! Enthused to find you and intrigued with the dream school.
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