Monday, January 20, 2014

The dodecahedron is It - but I can't read the instructions

I announce, with high excitement, that the dodecahedron is a portal and a model of the multiverse we need to use. I have written down the instructions, given to me in dialogue with an impeccable guide on a higher plane.
    A friend asks me to read the text. I had recorded the dialogue in ink that has turned 
reddish over time - perhaps it is blood. Alas, my handwriting is more gnomic than ever. I can translate very little except for the phrase: "bull of reddish gold." 

Feelings after this dream from last night: excited, wanting more. 

Reality: A dodecahedron has twelve pentagonal faces, three meeting at each vertex. Plato suggested in the Timaeus that this figure was used by the Creator in "the delineation of the universe."
    My handwriting is all but illegible, even to me. I would have a very hard time deciphering any material that required real knowledge of mathematics. I am aware I have forgotten far more than I know.
Over a hundred bronze dodecahedra from Roman times, like the one in the picture, have been discovered. They are hollow, with circular holes inside the pentagonal faces.

    In Salvador Dali's painting "The Sacrament of the Last Supper", the room is a hollow dodecahedron.
    In Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, the Dodecahedron is a character who presents one of his twelve faces at a time, according to his mood.
 "My sides are many, my angles aren't few. I'm the Dodecahedron, and who are you?"
    One of my students made a model of a dodecahedron after a dream.
    The bull has great significance in my personal mythology, as in the mythic imagination of the ancient world. 

Action: Find or make a model of a dodecahedron and use this as a focusing device and a launch pad for group shamanic journeying. Track the bull of reddish gold.


Unknown said...

I would love to be part of the group.

Patricia said...

This is a powerful isomorphy for me from a resent journey work that I titled The Four Horses.

I traveled from a brown to a black, then a white horse. I was there not to ride a white horse but support it. So I went into this deep loving honoring as I touched my forehead to it's forehead. I was given a brush. As I lovely brushed this horse I saw the red horse in an other space. I said, it has the power of the rattle for me. The only rattle I have is a Bear rattle. So then this image you have here comes. The differences in my vision journey image and the image you have here is that there was no green hue to it, it was a whole color. Also the front side had the clear stone. This became a passage to the red horse for me. When I entered the space of the red horse I was given these golden citrine stones to put in the back of my eyes.
The nobs of this image remind me of nodes and an article I read in Scientific America. It proposed that we weed unnecessary axonal nodes of memories from the day when we dream. This helps with memory. I wondered if some people who worked in the way of sychronicity and dreams and memory are able to have more nodes avaliabe. Now your writing this gives me a whole new way to work with this with in the metaphor of our bodies as blueprints toward understanding the deeper or broader universal understandings. There are these nodes of Ranvier that are a thinig in the axonal sheaths that allow for faster communication from one node to the next. My mind goes to wondering about time and space and dream traveling. The axonal myelin sheath is formed in concentric circles of lipids separated by thin layers of proteins. This has dreaming and metaphorical understandings for me. I also wonder about evolutionary physiology with this and the folding and unfolding of proteins.

Thank you for this writing and the word dodecahedron and the image Robert.

sengu said...

It's exciting to me too...
I like it.

Unknown said...

As I look down at the copper band on my wrist, I feel compelled to share that, among the many patinas it adopts, is a sparkling reddish gold.

Worldbridger said...

12 x 5 = 60

BSSC said...

Dungeons and dragons.

Nigel said...

Thanks Robert - what a fascinating dream. I also enjoyed the pic of DnD dice - I used to enjoy playing that game. These days I play World of Warcraft which is effectively a computerised version. However, it was always so much fun rolling those different dice, and interacting with "real life" friends over the tabletop.

Unknown said...

I have been too busy to make the big ikosidekadron i my vision to read your blogs. By now I'm almost there. There's twelve pentagons and twenty triangles. I'm working on the light that will illuminate the globe from the inside. Your blog increased my pleasure enormously. Thanks a lot. No, that's too weak. I'm bursting with happiness to read your blog.