Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breaking news on Egypt from a time traveler

We need guidance on where the crisis in Egypt is going, and what it will mean for our world.

Close to a hundred of us are gathered in the meeting room, trusting that the speaker will give us the guidance we need. He is African-American, of later middle age. Scholarly and quietly authoritative, he holds the lectern easily but with enormously sober demeanor. We follow every word, deeply engaged

He tells us: "What is coming will be worse than anything seen in Germany in 1868."

When he voices that prediction, some people, especially the older ones among us, burst out in various sounds of shock and dismay. They don't want to believe him. He shakes his head mournfully and forcefully, and says "Mark my words."

Breaking news from Egypt, on the dream screen. Of all the dreams relating to Egypt that I have heard over the past week, this report, from a gifted New York dreamer named Margaret, may be the most fascinating.

What can the dream speaker mean, when he predicts that what is coming in Egypt will be worse than anything seen in Germany in 1868?
On waking, this reference was mysterious to the dreamer, though she is no slouch at research and resolved to do some digging into 19th century history.

Bismarck was my first association. I dimly remembered writing an undergrad paper on how the Prussian statesman triggered a war in order to make an empire.
My memory of the details was foggy, but Auntie Google soon gave me what I had forgotten. In 1868, when relations between Prussia and the France of Napoleon III were tense because of a struggle for the Spanish succession, Bismarck used deception to start a war. He tampered with a letter from his own monarch, Wilhelm I, to make the text read like an insult to the French - goading Napoleon III to declare war. The Franco-Prussian War that ensued was a disaster for the French, leading to the loss of Alsace-Lorraine and the declaration, in the hall of mirrors of Versailles, of the German empire in 1871. This was the birth of the German Reich, and it eventually gave us the Great War and all that followed.

1868 in Germany also saw the publication of a viciously anti-semitic novel titled Barruel , which depicts Jewish leaders plotting world domination. Material from this was used by those who concocted one of the most evil forgeries known to history, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, used by the Tsar's secret police and later by the Nazis to justify the assault on the Jews.

I don't know whether these are the associations Margaret's dream speaker had in mind, when he spoke of Germany in 1868, since I was not in that dream gathering. But it's not hard to see some relevance, in an age when wars are triggered and justified by false information.

Margaret adds: "I felt, both in the dream, and afterward, that our speaker was a time traveler who himself had suffered, and knew suffering -- and survival." Who better to ask about history - of the future or the past - than a time traveler? And we are all time travelers in our dreams.

"Battle of the Pyramids"(1798-1799) by François Louis Joseph Watteau. Musée des Beaux-Arts, Valenciennes


Anonymous said...

Let us hope Mubarak realizes that this is no longer about him, but about the future of Egypt, and has the sense to set up a transition path with dignity... I hope for the best, but the dreams discussed show ample opportunity for disaster if a misstep is made. I sincerely hope that we as a country support a peaceful transition to whatever the future for Egypt is, instead of sticking our nose in where it does not belong - this is a revolution for a people. If we support peace and the process of transition, perhaps we will retain an ally and Egypt will be a more viable place for it's own citizenry.

Louisa said...

A week or two ago I had a brief vision from the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78, which was, by the way, related to Bismarck’s activities. My usual vantage point in this war is an aristocratic woman who helped to run a hospital somewhere in the Balkans and later died of typhoid, but this time it was a young officer at the front. The vision provided a snapshot of various ambitions involved on different levels, from private to imperial to universal. Some of the non-physical powers present at the scene were not much wiser or more evolved than humans. Perhaps these were those opportunistic demons who feed on chaos and destruction. The ambitions and energies of the lower levels were heavily manipulated by the interests of entities on higher levels. I think the world wants to sneeze, and unrest and disruption tickle it dangerously. It would be good to know how to avoid feeding the opprtunistic demons.

Niels said...

@ Louise ( a bit):-)
Dear people, I somehow dreamed of ancient Turkey last week, now you mention this country here in your prescription I am curious if there is a subconcious link towards this, because I just recently joined this nice group of dreamers through the Facebook-news of mr. Moss. ( I like that and love the books Robert ;-)Big Thanks for all shared experiences! Now about ancient Turkey,...
I was on a train, there were ppl on the train, and one of the wagons there where all ppl, holding big lumps of wood, as you would use in the fireplace. I somehow wanted the wood not to fall, but the ppl where not interested, as if they didnt care while I was doing my best to work hard to keep the wood on the train. Each one holding one piece of wood. I don't know so much about the dream anymore, but I remember that the feelings I had where not so positive, like heavy suffering somehow. I dont know about the occurance of trains there at the time of the war that is described by Louise, but to me it is ineteresting to find this information here, thanks for sharing it. I focus on peace and light a candle for it. Positivity works anyhow to reduce the damage i discovered. we can only do our small personal "thing" but it matters.. ;-)

Robert Moss said...

Grace - May it be so!

Robert Moss said...

Louisa - Very interesting perceptions of the forces at work in psychic reality that feed human emotions and also feed on them. I am always intrigued by why we are drawn to different situations in other times. There is always the "past lives" scenario (in which case it becomes important to try to discern whose "past life" this is - our own, or that of an ancestor, or of someone else who has entered our field). Often - as in Margaret's dream of the speaker - there are lessons to be drawn from an older story that are relevant to our current dramas.

Robert Moss said...

Niels - I'll leave it to Louisa to comment on trains in the Russo-Turkish war, since (in her dream self) it seems she was there :-) I would imagine that trains were important to both sides in bringing supplies and reinforcements to the front.

Again, we get to that perennial issue of the personal/transpersonal in dreams. The scene in which I (if it's my dream) am trying to keep the wood on the train may be a glimpse of another time, of wood-burning locomotive etc. Yet I would also want to ask myself where, in my current life, am I trying to keep things together and ensure warmth and light while others are less attentive.

Valerie said...

After I read your blog i went back in to see if I had any dreams..earlier this month I was in the middle east during a war and had a horrific nightmare about it all. I pray things I saw do not happen. It was so disturbing that I chose not to tell the dream, actually forgot it until you talked about Egypt and I wondered , did I have a dream?
I will continue to pray that things will get better.

Louisa said...

Regarding trains in late 19 century wars: trains were heavily used then. For example, German medical trains transported 40 thousand wounded in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and Russian Red Cross hauled over 200 thousand people during the war of 1877-78, and this is just one component of the military operation.
As for whose stories I am viewing, I suspect that these are educational shows. Emotionally they feel right, but they may not be entirely "my material". The punch line is clear though: war is a cursed business.

Robert Moss said...

Valerie - Because we are all connected I think we do dream into collective situations, including coming disasters. A hopeful thought is that in these cases - as with dreams involving our individual futures - what we are seeing may be a POSSIBLE future rather than an inevitable one, and maybe we can help to shift things a bit by actively wishing for a better outcome.

Robert Moss said...

Louisa - I like your thought that some of these scenes from previous periods in history may be "educational shows." Yes. And there are likely to be specific reasons why we are drawn to one of these scenes rather than another.

Diana said...

Reading the account of Margaret's, it does have a rather just so feel. Bismarck used deception to start a war and Mubarak is already using deception to create the impression that there are significant strong factions supporting him.
As we dream, holding Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and the other rebelling countries in Light and supporting the intention for freedom and peace and unity may those insatiable, opportunistic demons rapidly lose ground!

Valerie said...

Robert I do beleive that as well. Every time I hear the word Egypt the tv or news . I say a little prayer for the healing of the middle east.
The dream has faded once again and I hope that is b/c it is not a preview of things to come. Thanks for your response.