Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink Jaguar and other delights

October 15
Classic Car
I am driving a vintage Jaguar, with a woman companion. This is a classic car, from the 1950s or earlier, and it is pink (skin-pink or powderpuff pink). I decide to take a short cut to the road I want over very high sand dunes, lightly covered with grass. The idea that the grade may be too steep or that the wheels could get stuck in the sand fleets through my mind; I dismiss it. Sure enough, we get over the dunes easily enough, with just a few bumps that have us bouncing in our seats. Now we are on the white road, gliding smoothly towards our destination.

I woke from this dream feeling confident and refreshed. It was a very busy night of dreaming, but after two weeks of constant international travel and workshopping, I decide to let other memories slip away and hold only this one. From subsequent nights this week, I've plucked similar short clips, each intriguing or enticing in its own way.
October 16
Seven-Level Goddess Bed

I enter a bedroom filled with soft peachy light, streaming in through gauzy curtains. There is a wonderful smell of fresh linen. A bed fills half the room. It rises in stepped levels, like a ziggurat. The highest level is close to the ceiling. I know this is a Goddess bed, and a form of the Goddess herself may be at the top. To climb to her, and to descend, is a ritual act that may mean death and rebirth. I picture rising to the Goddess at the time of literal death, releasing something that will remain behind at each of the seven levels. I do not ascend the bed at this time; there are other rooms in the house, further mysteries to explore.
I woke with feelings of tender delight. I like goddesses and am deeply engaged again in studying many goddess traditions.
October 17
Back in School, with Bridge Reopening Assignment

I am back at college, but I am my present age with my present life memories. I want to check on the requirements for the semester, so I talk to the student manning an information booth. He tells me I only need to complete one course, but I will be expected to join in a work party that will be required to reopen a bridge in the woods come the spring. The work group will be led by a shamanic practitioner named Andrew Pachenko. The course in which I am enrolled involves ancient history and mythology, always favorite subjects of mine. I'll need to go over the term paper I've been writing to double-check the references and pull the threads of my arguments tight, because the professor is intellectually rigorous. The paper opens with some general statements about the "sacred king" in ancient societies, then homes in later on the biographies of several ancient kings, whom I present as consorts of the Great Goddess.
I woke with a "just-so" feeling that this had actually happened, or will play out in the future in a fairly literal way. There were none of those "oh no, not again" feelings that come with some back-in-school dreams. In waking life, I'm considering some invitations to teach at colleges and graduate institutes. I don't know any "Andrew Pachenko" but some cyber-sleuths over at my online forum at came up with a Ukrainian actor of that name who played a Bear, which is quite significant to me. I'm excited and intrigued by the idea of reopening a bridge in the spring.
October 18
Laughter that Comes in the Moonlight

I am coached in the pronunciation of a very long word in Russian that means something like "laughter that comes under moonlight." I'm enchanted that there is a single word for this, even if it is many syllables.
I wake with feelings of gentle amusement, wondering whether this dream is a glimpse of a future adventure in Eastern Europe, recalling how unusual words in foreign languages have so often been my visas for travel in both realities.


Louisa said...

Russian laughter that comes under the moonlight? Moonshine.:)

Robert Moss said...

Very funny and quite Russian, Louisa. Another Russian-speaking friend volunteered this Russian version of my dream phrase: CHOCHOTATJ VSIU NOCHJ PRI SVETE LUNY. Intriguing, but it's six words, not one. Meanwhile, I'm curious to see if there is a code in the name "Pachenko."

Worldbridger said...

Word structures and foreign languages ... what is a translator but a person who bridges language? Now who would build a bridge in the woods? What purpose would that serve? Words that we do not understand intellectually (like when a foreign language is spoken) are absorbed on a different level - the emotional content being the most easy to recognize.

Here's something you might like to consider ... over the years I think I've read every book you've written and I've noticed that with each book your style has become slightly more scholarly, as if the need to explain has overtaken the wonder of discovery.

Please don't take this as a criticism, I still think your books are fabulous, but I bring it up to point out what your dreams seem to indicate (if they were mine,of course). The Goddess and the King.

I guess what I'm saying is, I like it when you hang out with the goddess in her pink Jaguar.

Robert Moss said...

Worldbridger, I assure you that I like hanging out with the Goddess in the pink jaguar too! There is a history professor inside me (like the one in the dream of the college and the bridge) who insists on accuracy and careful documentation (when possible) and helps ward me against any tendency towards New Age-ish fluffiness, and he will have his place in my work too. But then the Goddess I know doesn't go in for New Age fluffiness either :-)

Anonymous said...

Labas Robert-

I came across a quote in a novel by Jacqueline (sp?) Winspear the other day that I thought you might appreciate:

"...coincidence is the messenger of truth"

Seems to echo your experiences.

Robert Moss said...

Labas, Ginta! I certainly endorse that statement about coincidence. It's also been said that "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."


Louisa said...

"Hohotat' vsiu noch' pri svete luny" (apostrophes mark soft consonants) is verbatim "Laugh uproariously all night long under the light of the Moon". In this rendition, the activity seems to require exceptional fitness, continuous fortification with spirits, homemade or otherwise, a touch of lunacy, or a close acquaintance with nechist'. If this were my dream, I'd think that this is something that Gogol's characters might do and perhaps I'd try and explore more idiomatic directions.

What is it with pink luxury cars in dreams? I've dreamed of them a few times myself. In one dream, a team of long-haired, leather-clad rockers arrived in a huge pink car just in time to rescue me from a wicked witch.

If this were my dream, the name of Pachenko would bring to my mind three different associations: indeed a Ukranian name, either Pachenko or more likely Pashchenko, a Hispanic name Pacheco, or simply pachinko.

Who would build a bridge in the woods? Any sensible outdoorsman who frequents the place. Hiking, hunting or gathering mushrooms is so much more pleasant when your feet are dry.:)

Worldbridger said...

Ah, now there's the bridge. New age on one side, university on the other. Hmmm ... what to do?

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I'm sitting here in metro-Altanta, the site of recent flooding, and wondering if the bridge in the forest is preparation for a future stream that will cut through the trees. It just sounds like so many of the wooded areas I've wandered in Virginia and here in Georgia.