Friday, October 9, 2009

Bombing the Moon

On Friday NASA bombed the Moon, firing a rocket hull and then a big flying camera at a crater near the south lunar pole, in the hope that the resulting six-mile-high plumes of dust might contain vapor that will indicate that there is ice down below - a source of water for a future human colony. So far the main public concern expressed over this remarkable event is that the pictures received on TV screens were somewhat fuzzy. A NASA spokesman shrugged off the idea that bombing the Moon could cause any damage; the result will just be "another dimple" in the cratered surface of a dead ball in the sky.

Rarely has scientific hubris, paired with the inability to see beyond the surface of things, been so shockingly evident. The Moon may be a cold desert to NASA cameras, and under the boots of astronauts, but what goes on there has a tremendous effect on human minds and on Earth affairs. The "lunar effect" on the tides of Earth's oceans and the tides - physical, emotional and psychic - in our bodies is a basic fact in our lives and our world. We see notable shifts in behavioral patterns, and in the content of quality of dreaming, with different phases of the Moon.

Now let's put on a set of lenses that NASA laboratories have never produced - although clearly NASA is urgently in need of them. Let's look through the lunar dust into the astral geography of Luna. All ancient and indigenous peoples see the Moon as alive and conscious, and the realm of Luna as "thickly settled" (as they say on Massachusetts road signs) by entities that have a major influence on Earth affairs.

Plutarch wrote that Luna is home to tutelary spirits that counsel humans, especially through dreams, and is also a transit station for souls in their after-death journeys. Suppose he is right? If so, wouldn't it be possible that bombing the Moon, on the physical plane, would stir things up on the astral in a way that could hardly fail to disturb the collective unconscious and add to our troubles on Earth?

I am going to leave this question hanging in the air while I go to consult a once-friendly daimon of Luna (who may or may not have lost his good humor). In the meantime, I propose the launch of a new gathering of dream travelers who can boldly go where no NASA spacecraft is likely to go in our lifetimes, and bring back reports that will be a corrective to the imperial delusions of a science that sees only with instruments. We might call this flight of oneironauts LUNA: the League to Understand Nonordinary Anomalies. Hmmm, or is that: the League to Utilize Nocturnal Awareness? Either way, a first tracking assignment for League flyers is to investigate what is going on in the realm of Luna since NASA bombed the Moon.


Carol Davis said...

I was horrified when I heard the first news about bombing the moon. I had thoughts about the unbridled expansion of consumerism and fear for the future of the moon, not because of the one bombing, but because of the possible trail that is being opening up. This could be another threat to life on earth, the powers of self-destruction continue, but so do the powers of life and evolution continue. How will the moon respond to being bombed?

As a preliminary effort, before and after the bombing, I began sending love, light and blessing to the moon. In a first dream after the bombing, I only know that something was "shaken and awakened".

Diana said...

Let us also vision, pray, project light to those who make decisions such as this that we may all awaken in gratitude and awe to the interconnectedness and interdependence of all that is "visible" and all that is "invisible" to the naked eye and so live in harmony.

This bombing is profoundly disturbing. Thank you, Robert, for addressing it here with an action plan. This is huge on many levels. I, too, have been sending love and blessing to the Moon.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

My first thought in commenting was to suggest that LUNA could signify a "League to Understand Nocturnal Alerts." I would like to add, however, that I appreciate the efforts Carol Davis mentioned before, after, and during the reprehensible bombing of the moon. Her subsequent dream affirms my thought that the Dreaming Universe encompasses all and offers those who understand this the chance to give and receive wisdom and healing. I realize I'm preaching to the choir, sir - I just found her comment stunning. As ever, thank you for sharing these things ...

Robyn said...

This is upsetting beyond words, a profound expression of human ignorance and hubris. I feel grief and outrage that this action was allowed. I still can't even believe it!

I'm grateful to be part of the supportive dreaming community. Robert, thank you for suggesting a path through this, a way that we can take action.

Worldbridger said...

On the positive side, the event was somewhat of a non-event, in the sense that the huge plume of dust that was supposed to accompany the impact failed to occur. I watched the film of the impact and the scientists didn't know what to say. They all clapped their hands but that was about it - didn't see any high-fives.

What I would like to know is why, in this day and age of high definition digital imagery we end up with a picture from the moon that made it look like we were back in 1969?

As long as the mind-set of science is one of looking for particles (and having to break things up to find the smallest particle, as in the huge colliders that have been built - the latest in Cern) then we are going to be plagued with experiments that blow things up, knock things together, tear things apart and so on.

With a mind-set like that is there any wonder we have the atomic bomb?

Valerie said...

Wow , Robert , thank you, I hate to say I had no idea this happened.
I will dream on this. I will also look back and see if anything to do with this was in a dream. I will send healing to moon. What are they thinking?

cobweb said...

I am deeply disturbed by this action and left feeling powerless and depressed that such actions are seen as nothing more than an 'event' seems to me a total abuse of power is the problem here and who allows such things to take place is NASA answerable to no one???
These people live in a bubble. How can it be that such funding is allowed, America really needs to wake up and take back control of the people who are ruining our world. Just when you think Ah! now here is someone who might right some of the wrongs, something like this happens and once more all hope for the future is dashed. Its all about the mindset that allows such 'events' to happen. WAKE UP!
It is time to stop the mindless rush toward utter destruction seems to me more than dreams are needed now. Being asleep at the wheel is why these things come to pass.
Never has it been more evident that things have to change. Never has there been such a desperate need for the lambs to rule the world.

John said...

Blowing things up, taking things apart, and crashing things into other things are important scientific techniques. By doing these kinds of things and carefully observing the results we've gained enormous knowledge about our universe. The moon could not possibly be harmed by such an experiment any more than an whale could be harmed by a pea shooter.

Robert Moss said...

We need astral research, not merely physical observation (however refined the instruments) to understand that while it may be true that the effect of bombing the Moon may seem trivial on the physical plane, it may have profound and highly problematic repercussions on the psychospiritual plane. In short, we need a "science of the invisible" as well as the visible. Active Dreaming gives us the tools, and the long cross-cultural belief that the Moon is an animate entity and/or the realm of spiritual intelligences should guide us not to get caught in the bubble of scientist beliefs about how multidimensionsl reality works.

I'll return to these themes. For now, I am heartened by the justified outpouring of concern from dreamers who travel the multiverse over the attack on the Moon.

John said...

I'm really trying to understand this issue. Is the moon alive? If so, how do we know that it is? What evidence do we have that spiritual beings live on the moon? The moon has been around for a few billion years. During that time it's been impacted by countless meteoroids. Probably billions of them, at least. How have these impacts affected the moon and its spiritual inhabitants? How did the effect of the recent NASA experiment differ from that of a meteoroid impact? Can a spiritual (i.e., non-material) being be harmed by material events? If so, how does that work? Are spiritual beings partially material? Since NASA announced its experiment well ahead of time, wouldn't that have given the spiritual beings time to evacuate, if necessary? Or don't they monitor human communications? Many human projects on earth alter the landscape much more significantly than the NASA experiment altered the moon. Building houses, roads, schools, stores, factories, and hospitals, for example. Do such projects harm earth-dwelling spiritual beings? Would it be better for these spiritual beings if we humans were to cancel all such projects? Or maybe just some of them? How can we tell what effects our activities in the material realm are having on spiritual beings?


Anonymous said...

Well, if we find water on the moon and it can be "dollarable", we'll have Goldman Sachs issuing derivitives and the world buying.

It's just the inevitable insanity of the banking oligarchs that looms over the moon or anything else that hasn't been turned into money.

Anonymous said...

Robert, that is a really cool photo....what is it?

Anonymous said...


what Robert is talking about is how and what cultures believe about the moon. Those beliefs, emotional, spiritual and psychological are a part of the human being's experience of consciousness. It's rather like reading Shakespeare's sonnets and his reference to the moon and seeing in the minds eye the United States of America bombing it.

Maybe that dosen't compute to you, but it does to a lot of people from many cultures.

I hope that helps a little.

Robert Moss said...

John, You are asking excellent questions. My first response is that knowledge is state-specific. To understand what is going on in dimensions beyond the physical we need to be able to ENTER those dimensions and gather data inside them.

I agree that if we are going to ask about spiritual beings on the Moon we must also consider the spiritual life that is all around us on Earth, and generally ignored in modern societies that have largely ceased to dream with the Earth. If you go back to my blog post "The Cry of the Trees" you'll find some relevant experiences and reflections.

I have lead group journeys to the astral realm of Luna over many years. Some have involved flights of as many as 45 highly educated and seasoned dream travelers, including top-notch scientists seeking experiential confirmation of the speculations of superstring theory and the "many worlds" hypothesis. We have logged a good deal of data on conditions on Luna, as we have perceived it in these shared adventures. I will add that I have had disturbing personal impressions of trouble on Luna since the NASA strike and possible fallout relevant to the collective psyche.

Let's distinguish the NASA action from all those meteorite hits, which were presumably unplanned. Human minds targeted the Moon, and were focused on this strike for quite a long time. If there is intelligent life on Luna for whom telepathy is a primary mode of communication, wouldn't it follow that the beings there might be royally pissed that Americans think they have the right to fire on their habitat?

This discussion will continue, and I may post some more details of what Active Dreamers (including this one) have learned about astral life on Luna, but this will have to wait for a bit. I arrived home late on Monday night after 24 straight hours of travel from the wilds of Rumania; now - less than 8 hours later - I must take off again to keynote a conference of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Valerie said...

I have been talking about my father and the light in his eyes the day he died, I have used the term, his eyes almost looked as bright as the kids in the old movie"village of the damned". Of course not that I felt his eyes were evil but just as a way to describe. So last night ,lo and behold , that movie is on, have not watched it in many years, so I did. At one point when the scientists are all trying to figure out the kids. One man said, this is all energy, there has been a disturbance on the moon and this may be responsible for what has happened. When the writers and the people in the arts speak, I take note, where do their creations come from ? Sometimes you read a biography and the person says it came from a dream, the collective unconscious. But this sentence hit me in light of the situation on the moon. When you look back to the man who wrote Flash Gordon long before we even thought it was possible to rocket off to a planet or the moon. I just wonder could this bombing change the energy field of the moon ?
Thought I would pass this a food for thought little story.

Anonymous said...

My previous comment went into virtual space, so I hope this gets through...Dear John, I am neither a scientist nor a shaman, but I believe that the issue of whether the moon is alive or not, would depend on the beliefs of each individual. I believe that if an object has energy (i.e. gravitational), it can be alive in a unique way to me. Likewise, pertaining to dreams, if my deceased mother appears to me to warn/tell me of future occurrences which do take place, she can be alive in a unique way, to me too. I can't see either of these examples with my eyes, or touch them with my hands, but I believe they are there (alive, in some sense) and have a special purpose in the here and now. I believe that if we can listen both to scientists, and also teachers (such as Robert) who have studied these phenomena for years, this planet might be a bit better off, when respect is factored into the equation. I truly think there are so many things we haven't discovered (or have evidence for) but may exist,(similar to the germ and the invention of the microscope). I hope this helps you in trying to understand a different aspect of luna - my point of view only. Thank you for your questions - it also helps me to see things from different angles and gives me food for thought too.

John said...

Great topic! I guess what concerns me about some of the comments here is that many of you seem to think NASA has evil intentions. I don't think that's true at all. They're not trying to damage the moon in any way or harm any possible lunar life forms. They're just trying to learn as much as they can about the moon, both to satisfy their curiosity and to benefit mankind. In more general terms, NASA's purpose is to explore the physical universe as best they can using the tools they have at their disposal. This is no less valid than exploring other aspects of the universe using such tools as dreams, meditation, hypnotism, and so forth. There is no essential reason for conflict between physical and spiritual research. I find it hard to believe that intelligent non-material beings who might be living on the moon would be upset or harmed in any way by this experiment. More likely such incredibly advanced beings would be amused, in the same way you and I might be amused by a little child throwing paper airplanes at us to see how we'll react. At any rate, one would have to have unambiguous, independently-verifiable evidence of harm to justify cancellation of such an important space-exploration project.


Robyn said...

The NASA action is about ignorance: ignorance of a whole astral realm that is invisible and unverifiable until one ENTERS and experiences it from within. Site-specific, as Robert said. This expands the one dimensional traditional scientific model and enables us to gather data--credible, important data that is critical for the evolution of our species.

Without this awareness, the moon is just dead rock to be explored and yes, even blown up for the "benefit" of humans.

Have we learned nothing more about approaching the unknown than by attacking it?

Do we bomb a beating heart to find love?

Actions taken through a lack of mindfulness are having negative repercussions for humankind that are invisible but very real. We can enter the lunar realm as dream archeologists and check it out for ourselves.

John said...

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for your thought-provoking comments and questions! To me, it wasn't an attack on the moon. It was a probing of the moon. Probing in various forms is the only tool we have for learning about the unknown, whether in the physical, psychological, or spiritual realms. In a dream one might learn about dream figures and dream objects by probing them in various ways, such as touching them or asking them questions. If we don't probe them we won't learn anything about them. It's the same in the physical realm. If we want to find out how much water is on the moon, we have to probe it in some way. The probing has to be physical, since water is physical. At least I think that's true. Imagine that you're a NASA engineer. You've been assigned the problem of designing an experiment to see how much water is under the surface of the moon. What kind of experiment would you design?

You asked, "Have we learned nothing more about approaching the unknown than by attacking it?" My answer is that we've learned nothing about the unknown without probing it in some way. Not attacking, but probing.

You also asked, "Do we bomb a beating heart to find love?" Literally bombing a heart (i.e., using explosives) probably won't help us find love. Sending out a love bomb, however, could do so. We have to probe other beings in appropriate ways to find love.

Probing reality in any way--whether physically, psychologically, or spiritually--always involves risk. But if we're too afraid to do so, we'll never learn anything.

Just as you're concerned about the risks of physically probing the moon, one might legitimately ask what the risks are of spiritually probing it. Could there be a risk that powerful malevolent non-material beings might take offense at such a disturbance of their realm and wreak vengeance on us? Despite the potential risks involved, I would not argue that lunar explorations in the spiritual realm should be abandoned.


Robyn said...

John, I can see that you're thinking about this. We certainly agree on the need for exploration. That's how we grow in knowledge and wisdom. But as active dreamers know, there are many, many ways to explore without blowing things up. Actions taken in ignorance of the astral realities have implications beyond the physical. That is the point of my concern.

John said...

We can learn a lot from explosions. Explore and explode differ only in the letters R and D, which stand for research and development. We can't create anything without destroying something else. This applies to all forms of human creativity, both in the physical and non-physical realms.

Maybe it is foolish to crash things into the moon. But, as Blake once said, "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."


Robert Moss said...

Robyn, John and all - I am glad to see that a vigorous dialogue is continuing on this comments thread. It needs to.

The root problem, as I see it, is not bad intentions, but ignorance. I have no doubt that NASA scientists (and I know a few) wish only the best - to expand our knowledge of the universe and to grow our possibilities, as an evolving species. But, for all their space telescopes and gee-whizz technology, they are operating in the dark when it comes to life on Luna (by which I mean the astral rather than the physical realm of the Moon).

In the Epilogue to my book "Drewamways of the Iroquois" I reported one of the most terrifying visions I have ever received. It came in the midst of an experiment in group telepathy in which some 35 of our active dreamers reponded to an invitation from a Kogi shaman-priest to visit his people. We flew, with the aid of dhamanic drumming, from a mountain in the NY Adirondacks to the Kogi sacred mountain on the coast of Colombia. I was received by the shaman-priest who at that time was responsible for the safety of the Aluna (the Kogi name for the psychospiritual reality that surrounds and influences the physical Earth). He wanted to show me why the Aluna, on which intelligent life depends, is imperilled. I was thrown into a vision-within-the-vision of a decent man on his way to work, doing his best to fufill his obligations. This decent, ordinary man had absolutely no awareness that there are worlds beyond the physical. His estrangement from soul - and that of millions like him - is dangerous because it prevents us from perceiving the fuller causes of events, and divorces us from the intelligences of an animate, conscious universe.

John said...

Hi Robert,

If you were to tell people at NASA that they shouldn't be crashing things into the moon because of adverse effects it might have on non-material beings, they'd be unlikely to believe that that could possibly be true. Proving such a claim is not a simple matter. Probably the only way to convince most people would be to arrange for them to have a direct interaction of some kind with the non-material beings themselves. Without this kind of direct interaction, how can any of us, including people at NASA, become aware of the possibility of such unintended consequences of our actions? Maybe we should all be paying more attention to the content of our dreams. But interpretation of dreams is problematic, at best. A given dream may have many different contradictory interpretations. I'm not completely convinced that dreams tell us anything at all, though it's always interesting to try to find hidden meanings in them by searching for symbolism, visual puns, and so forth. So, the problem of proof remains. Anyway, that's my current thinking on this subject. BTW, I really enjoy your blog!


Robert Moss said...

John, I agree with you that "direct interaction" with life in other dimensions is the key to growing understanding of our place and our responsibilities in the multidimensional universe. In dreaming, we become available for such encounters; we go traveling and bring back maps. Many great scientists have been world-class dreamers whose best work has flowed from breakthroughs accomplished in dream states and the "solution state" of hypnagogia. Wolfgnag Pauli, the Nobel laureate who recorded and worked with tens of thousands of his own dreams as he worked on quantum mechanics and debated with Jung on synchronicity theory, announced that "Dreams are my secret laboratory". To be continued...

John said...

You make a great point about scientists, such as Pauli, who pay attention to their dreams. It would probably be beneficial if a lot more scientists did that. BTW, a recent issue of Science News has a nice series of articles on recent developments in sleep research:

Unfortunately, in all these articles there's almost no discussion of dreams and no mention at all of lucid dreaming. The introductory article makes the clearly-incorrect claim that "Extreme fatigue is the closest humans ever come to sleep while still aware enough to ponder its mysteries." I posted a comment regarding lucid dreaming on their web site. It might be beneficial if you and/or your readers would also post a few comments.


Justin Patrick Moore said...

It seems to me the spirits of the moon are just as offended by the desecration of Luna, as the chthonic spirits on this earth are offended by its desecration, both at our hands.

Unknown said...

robert- did you know there are 'moon trees'?

here is the link from nasa: