Monday, October 19, 2009

A daimon of Luna

Do you believe in the man in the Moon?

No, not the face people imagine in the shadows of the craters, which is really the Great Rabbit, or Lunar Hare. Nor do I refer to those artful pictures, ever popular on greetings cards and in children’s stories, that add a nose and a grin and a wink to the crescent moon.

I am speaking of something altogether different. I am inquiring whether you know anything (for worthwhile beliefs can only stem from knowledge) of the beings who live in the Moon. I am well aware that since humans in clumsy space suits first walked on the Moon, it has been commonly believed that the Moon is an astral desert, empty of organic life. This is merely a modern superstition, founded in the confusion of different orders of reality. Beyond appearances, the Moon is thickly settled. Its inhabitants do not live on the Moon in the way you live on the Earth. They cannot be found on the lunar surface from which astronauts and robots pick rock samples. The lunar population lives in the Moon, which is to say, in the Sphere of Luna, a frequency domain located a little – just a little – beyond the realm you can touch and smell and taste with your ordinary senses.

I know what I am talking about, because the Moon is my home. If you chance to meet me tonight, because you happen to be looking up at the bright face of the Moon from under just the right tree at just the right time, or because you travel to my world on the wings of a dream, it’s quite likely you might see me as the man in the Moon, or at any rate a man in the Moon. I find it generally convenient, in my dealings with humans, to show myself as a human male, taller than average, with what I conceive to be a commanding – though not overbearing presence – exquisitely tailored in a mode that is rarely encountered on Earth outside Jermyn Street and one or two most particular establishments in Buenos Aires. Yet I must disclose, at the beginning, that "man in the Moon" is a misnomer.

I live in the Moon, but I am not a man. I am a daimon. I have lived very close to men, so close that I have sometimes forgotten my true identity. But I belong to a different and more ancient order of beings. When you turn to books, you will find the word daimon has several spellings. I prefer the oldest version, an accurate transliteration from the Greeks, who were close observers of traffic to and from my realm. Their witches – especially in the wild northern reaches – were adept at the dangerous art of drawing down spirits from the Moon. The most excellent shaman-philosopher, Plutarch, studied deep in our academies before he took up permanent residence and joined the faculty of one of our finest schools. Plutarch’s essay on the Sphere of Luna, De facie quae in orbe lunae apparet remains the best travel guide to our realm outside the closed stacks of the Magic Library.

Do please be careful with the word "daimon" now it is in the air, darting around you on dragonfly wings. Words have the power to call things into manifestation, and bring creatures from one world into another. You don’t want to say "daimon" out loud the wrong way; this can produce unpleasant effects, and sometimes unwanted visitors. To call me a "demon" would be extremely rude. I did not mind being called a "demon" in demotic Greek in the age of Cleopatra, but since then a fog of fear and confusion spread by the morbid imaginations of the Dark Ages has made that version quite unusable.

Note: My post on "Bombing the Moon" triggered a lively discussion of how we can establish the reality of intelligent beings in the astral realm of Luna. There is really no substitute for direct interaction, when that is possible and timely. So I thought I would post this excerpt from one of my early conversations with a daimon of Luna who - over the nine years since I recorded this not unamusing statement - has been an excellent guide to the realm where he has resided, by his account, for a very long time. He counsels that this is not the time for humans to make uninvited visits to Luna; many of the residents are quite angry over the fact that a human agency (NASA) targeted and fired on the Moon. Though the physical impact was trivial, this apparently added to a deep-seated suspicion of humans.
The graphic: "Nocturnal Float" by artist and dreamer Michele Ferro, who recorded a dream in which humans fired on the Moon - with devastating consequences - in June 2003, and posted it at our forum over at a month before NASA shot rockets into a crater near the lunar south pole. Here is Michele's dream report:
Mankind blew up the moon. Not completely, but all that remained was a craggy charred clump. Something "bad" was happening in the world so that the "experts" felt it was necessary. Many of us were against this action and protested, argued, prayed, and did what we could think of to prevent it but we did not succeed. And of course, as it turned out, things in the world were even worse now. I knew that if you peered through a telescope there were strange squiggly masses in the sky that were headed toward the earth from the moon.
I stood alone at the top of a snow-capped mountain in the late afternoon and looked at the moon - black, charred and destroyed - in a bright blue sky. I reflected that someday it would be a myth that it was once white and round and full. I wondered how the cycles would look now and how the tides would be affected. I also started to see advertisements reflected into the sky that angered me greatly.


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

How interesting that you posted this on the day after SUNday, Monday - which in my mind is always 'moonday,' and echoed in French and Spanish as 'LUNdi' and 'LUNes.' My sincere regards to the man in the moon;)

Nancy said...

Thanks for this, for being such a strong fierce advocate for the moon, & for Michelle's dream which made me cry. I've been walking at night since mid-summer, working on my night vision, & have befriended the different faces of the moon I see.

In part of last night's dream I coached a woman to take off her glasses & look at the real world, the depth & the periphery, not the artificial brittle central clarity glasses give you. I wanted her to appreciate the soft blurred Impressionist edges, one shape folding into another. This is like vision after dark: it's all nuance & suggestion, maybe illusion. Moonlight is magic, every single time.

Worldbridger said...

Synchronic all round ... on the Dreamspell calendar it is Red Spectral Moon today, as well as being Moonday on the Gregorian calendar.

I dissolve in order to purify
Releasing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

The second day of the week is also symbolized by the Seli plasma charge which is gathered in the root chakra and accounts for the intensity of inner light.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert and All,
I was going to leave this in my journal, but since the Moon subject has come up again, decided to post. It might be a little bit "out there", but thought I would share these two experiences anyway. Per Robert's Bombing of the Moon blog(before the daimon blog)I did a first tracking assignment to investigate what is going on in the realm of Luna since the bombing...
10/14 hypnogogic (falling asleep) journey to Luna in my journal:
No need for spacesuits/crafts - I know this because I see some people suiting up but instead I walk away and sit on the ground with a few others around a fire and view the rising smoke. I notice a white dove and I take off towards the Moon. Space is similar to my first scuba dving experience in that I expected it to be very quiet, but instead it was full of pops, crackles, and other indistinguishable sounds. Descending onto the surface of the moon, it appears vacant. I ask something like, "I'm here to see how you are doing since bombing from Earth." Nothing. I'm standing on the edge of a large crater and look back over my shoulder and see the Earth. It looks like a child's gumball. Thoughts like small, perfectly round, and fragile comes to mind. I picture a large hand holding it gently in its palm. I look back around and into the crater. I jump/fall down into total darkness then see a small white luminous building. It has a few steepled roofs at different heights. I'm in the building now and see a dozen or so figures (Beings) around a long table. I think they are in chairs, but not sure and their faces are blurred. I feel like I don't belong but they are okay with me being here. I feel like an interloper. I think wedding for some reason and look down to see that I'm wearing a pale white robe with large embroidery and a few stones across the skirt portion. The Beings seem to be communicating with each other - not in words that I can hear - maybe thoughts. I stand by a window so as to not interrupt their discussion. I turn towards the window and see the back-end of an older, yet well-maintained Cadillac (maybe silver colored)parked right outside. Then I fall asleep. (After this experience I saw Robert's blog on the antique car and I saw a diagram of a building similar to the one I saw above. I wondered if I was picking up on these two similar things days prior). Possibly. The next day, 10/15, I decided to try a drumming reentry to try to speak with the Beings at the table. I let them know that I'm here to check on them since the bombing. I tell them that Robert suggested I visit to check on the Moon. I see two words "unhurt" and "unscathed". One of them seemed to stand near me and he seems to say in thought, "sorry". My journey abruptly ends. My impression from the "sorry" is that they are sorry for us - not that they are apologizing. They seem sad for us. I noted that I remember seeing similar figures in a dream I had about my aging father last year. They were sitting at a table then too but different scene and circumstances.

Robert Moss said...

Hi Margie - What an intrepid dream traveler you are. It was brave of you to seek to check on the state of affairs on Luna after 10/9, and to share your travel report with us.

I made a quick oneiric visit myself, the night following the NASA strike, and my impressions were more cautionary. I found an angry crowd in a vast plaza I have visited before, and crisis meetings under way to discuss diplomatic relations with Earth. I was advised that this is not a good time for journeying to Luna because forces that have long been active in that realm and are hostile to humans have gained power, and many other residents are now confused about human intentions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
I didn't feel hostility at this particular location, but I didn't feel very welcomed either. To clarify my take on the words "unhurt" and "unscathed" - they seemed to pertain only to the Beings themselves, similar to what a human would say about their physical body being okay, if that makes sense. When I finished the drumming reentry, I had decided to journal the experiences and not try to reenter again, mainly due to the unwelcome/interloper feeling.
Thanks for your response,

Worldbridger said...

In regard to the moon bombing, here's a quote from Michael Salla relating the event to disclosure of the ET presence ...

"In addition, popular NASA and space researcher, Richard Hoagland, has publicly come forward to reveal that the October 9, LCROSS ‘bombing’ mission of the moon, discovered an ancient base at the moon’s South Pole.

Reviewing the scientific data achieved by NASA’s LCROSS mission, Hoagland concluded, also on the popular late night Coast to Coast AM radio show, that “LCROSS is part of a carefully constructed campaign to prepare the populace for imminent disclosure. The President of the United States will soon announce that scientists have discovered ruins on the moon, he added. Nobody saw the LCROSS debris plume because the probes struck a building which swallowed the effects of the explosion.”

Could that be why the publicly shown film of the event was so grainy? We all know that Google maps can present a better view of the earth than NASA gave of the moon on that fateful day.