Monday, August 8, 2016

Open Secrets of the Dreamtime

Here are the open secrets of the Dreamtime, insights shared by many dreaming traditions and indigenous peoples that challenge the ruling paradigms of a culture that confuses the real with the physical.

1. Dreams are real experiences.

There are big dreams and little dreams.In big dreams we are dealing with events, encounters, and challenges that are entirely real on their own level of reality. Our dream memories may be garbled or muddy, but the dream is a real experience whose meaning lies within the dreamscape itself. The dream experience, fully remembered, is its own interpretation. But we must do more than interpret dreams; we must manifest their energy and insight in our waking lives.
     Shamanic dreamers tend to be quite literal-minded about dreams. If you dreamed you fell off a rock-face, you’d better remember to check your safety harness if there is any chance you might go rock climbing. If you flew with the eagle, you discovered a powerful spiritual ally — and your own ability to transcend the limitations of your physical body. If you dreamed of your dead uncle, before you start asking yourself what part of you he might represent, you should consider the possibility that you had a visit with him. Is he bothering you — maybe trying to cadge a drink or a smoke — or offering you help? If you dreamed you received instruction at a mountain shrine, you should be open to twin possibilities: that you may go there someday, in physical reality; and that you may have been called in your dreams to one of the many “invisible schools” where training and initiation on the higher planes are conducted. 

2. Dreams are flights of the soul.

Shamans say that in real dreams (waking or sleeping) one of two things is happening. Either you are journeying beyond your body, released from the limits of space-time and the physical senses; or you receive a visitation from a being — god, spirit, or fellow dreamer — who does not suffer from these limitations. In the language of the Makiritare, a dreaming people of Venezuela, the word for dream, adekato, means literally a “flight of the soul.”
   The open secret is that consciousness is never confined to the body and brain. We discover this in spontaneous night dreams and intuitive flashes, when our left-brain inhibitions are down. As we become active dreamers, we can hone the ability to make intentional journeys beyond the body at any time of day or night.

3. You have a dreambody as well as a physical body.

I am leading one of my Active Dreaming circles. We are squatting around a centerspread with a white candle. Someone asks whether there is any way to prove that we are not dreaming. I pick up the candle and pour hot wax onto my hand. I feel a sting of pain as the wax sears the web of skin between my thumb and forefinger, and I tell the group, “I guess that proves I’m not dreaming.” Then I wake up.
     What is this dream telling me? That I am a nitwit because I can’t tell whether I’m dreaming? If so, I will take solace from the fact that in most sleep dreams, most people are completely unaware that they are dreaming. Actually, I think this dream has a more interesting and specific message, related to the theme that dreams are real experiences. In my dreambody, I can know pleasure and pain just as vividly as in my physical body. I have more than one body, or vehicle of consciousness, and when I go into the dreamworld and other worlds, I go embodied. And so do you.

4. Dreams may be memories of the future.

We dream things before they happen in waking life. If you work with your dreams and scan them for precognitive content, you can develop a superb personal radar system that will help you to navigate in waking life. You can also learn to fold time and travel into the possible future as a shamanic dream traveler.
    The fact that we dream things before they happen does not mean everything is predetermined. People who are not active dreamers can get quite confused about what is going on when they wake up to the fact that we are dreaming future events, both large and small, all the time. I think it’s like this. If you do not remember your dreams, you are condemned to live them. (If you don’t know where you’re going, you will likely end up where you are headed.) If you remember some of your dreams and screen them for messages about the future, you will find yourself able to make wiser choices. You will discover that by taking appropriate action you can often avoid the enactment of a “bad” dream or bring about the fulfillment of a happy one.

5. Dreaming, we choose the events that will be manifested in our waking lives.

As you become a conscious dreamer, you will find yourself increasingly able to choose inside the dreaming the events that will be manifested in your waking life.
    Meister Eckhart tells us how it is, with the razor-sharp clarity of the practical mystic who has seen and experienced for himself: “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters her own image.”
    Indigenous peoples tell a recurring story of how the material world is spun from the dream of a deity. For the Guajiro of Ecuador, the physical universe is the product of conscious dreaming. The Guajiro say that the Creator-god made this world after the divine Dreamgiver, Apusanai, made him aware that he was dreaming and he began to experiment with molding and solidifying the fluid forms he perceived endlessly borning and transforming on another plane of reality.
    Dreaming, we pluck events that will manifest out of the quantum soup of possibilities. It is not merely that we dream things before they happen; dreams make them happen.

6. The path of the soul after death is the path of the soul in dreams.

Your dreambody does not die when your physical body loses its vital signs. You will live on in your dreambody for a shorter or greater time, according to your ruling passions and personal evolution. You will find yourself, as you do each night in dreams, in a realm where thoughts are things, and imagination, the great faculty of soul, can create whole worlds.

    You come from the Dreaming, and you are released into the Dreaming when you drop your sack of meat and bones. You are born to fly, and in dreams you remember that the soul has wings.

Adapted from Dreamgates; Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life beyond Death by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library.

Art: "Making Songlines" by Robert Moss


Live in Peace with All living things said...

Robert Moss - I'd be interested to know your theory, if "consciousness is never confined to the body and brain" why do you suppose we are here in physical form at this time?

Robert Moss said...

That is something for you to answer for yourself, by seeking to access the space you were in before you came into your present body. I offer specific and effective techniques for practicing this kind of soul remembering in my books and workshops.

Live In Peace with ALL living things said...

Good answer! I once heard a Guru of an enlightenment course say we chose a physical form to experience consciousness. That theory doesn't make sense after reading some of your material. Why would we CHOOSE to limit soul-flight to dreaming or shamanic journeying? We dream/journey to set our soul free from a caged physical form (if I'm interpreting your work correctly.) I'm reading your books now, hope to enroll in a course one day. Almost enrolled in the Shift Network course, perhaps next round. I find your books fascinating!

James Wilson said...

Hi Robert, I want to thank you for your previous article, Case of the Red Blob. You really were the right person, at the right time, in the right place there. Thanks to your encouragement to look beyond the red blob, you gave her the opportunity to work on healing, which she would have missed if you didn’t encourage her. I love it when someone has such a positive impact on other people.
The positive effect that dream reentry can have, and your article: 4. Dreams may be memories of the future, reminded me of a dream I had in November 2015. And posted as a comment on your blog ("Beethoven practices dream reentry") on 31 January this year.
When I reentered my dream this didn’t give me new images from the dream itself, but it triggered thoughts that, at first didn’t seem to have a connection with this dream, but later on became an interesting experience.
As you can read in my comment (31 January), dream reentry reminded me of the book: Hatred, The Psychological Descent into Violence by Willard Gaylin and specific elements from StarTrek namely: a cloaked spaceship and a photon torpedo.
On March 13, the right-wing party Alternative for Germany, AfD, won a lot of votes in the election in three German states. The CDU of Angela Merkel suffered a major defeat. And it was the first time since a long time a party, positioned to the right of the CSU, had the possibly to grow that large.
Not only a threat for the CDU of Angela Merkel, but a threat to the Willkommenskultur where she fights for as well.
A few days later 16 march, I was watching the movie Star Trek: into darkness in the evening which was broad-casted on tv. In this movie photon torpedo’s play a very special role. Much more than other Star trek movies. Every torpedo aboard the Enterprise contained a crew member of Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman. If you know the movie and this person, you know you can see the person Khan is the personification of hate and contempt against other people, as if he was an incarnate reference to the book of W Gaylin.
It felt like the elements in my dream and thoughts during the dream reentry’s came alive in this short period of a few days. From the worried look on Angela Merkel her face to the photon torpedo's.
I had the feeling that at that moment I really experienced what your expression: “when dream start rhyming with waking life”, means.
Thanks to reentering my dream I got a chance to experience this special experience in these few days. It showed me how important it is to keep in contact with my dreams and visit them once in a while by dream reentry. I might have missed this one if I didn’t

N.B. For clarity, I don't want to give the impression that I suggest with my dream description and my explanation, that the content of the book by W Gaylin, or the person Khan, in relation to my dream, refer to the rise to the AfD. Or to persons affiliated with the AfD. The more I think about this dream, I think that if this dream (from November 2015) actually rhymes with future events it refers to the overall threat that Germany has to face recently. From the events in Köln and the attacks by ISIS sympathizers, to the growth of xenophobia in the society and a growing conflict with Erdogan. The threat comes from different angles (just as Merkel is surrounded completely in the room with black walls in my dream)

Therese Bushen said...

Wonderful! Thanks you for all the reminders!

manho valentine said...

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