Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The dream of the golden king

I dreamed again of the golden king.
He is amazingly beautiful. He seems to be in his early twenties, yet he is ancient. A golden light emanates from his body. He is naked, except for the circlet of gold around his brow. At first he seems beardless, because the hairs of his face are very fine and silky and soft, like threads of light.
     He is in the posture of sleep, but his eyes are wide open, fixed on something beyond ordinary sight.
     His bed is a marble slab, perhaps the lid of a sarcophagus, but in no way cold or hard.
    As always, I am awed by this golden king. I know he is the essence of the true king, the one who can repair the world.
    Perhaps a woman will dream of him, and transfer this dream to the man she chooses to embody him....

Note: This is a figure who has recurred in my dreams over decades. I came upon this version doing bibliomancy with an old (2005) journal. My feelings: awe, deep recognition, the kind of heart yearning the Portuguese call saudade.

Image: Greek, 3rd century bce.


Eugene Wilde said...

I am connected with the king archetype within myself. But thats a lot of responsibility. So i like to remind myself of the young prince within aswell. Eat good food. Sleep well. Have fun with a woman. Have fun in general. All with no worries. Haha. So whoever has that big dream to repair the world. God speed!

Patricia said...

I have dreamt of this Golden Lady. She is golden as from her undaunted warmth of heart. I imagine holding a single thread of her golden light and my heart is right there in that beauty of shimmering warmth. Perhaps one day I will have a lover again, perhaps not. If I do I will remember this inspiring suggestion. Thank you Robert for this writing.

JT Leber said...

At The Big House, I was the 'subject' for a dream helper ceremony, hosted by Henry Reed. The center of my dream for the evening was having an archeologist present a sarcophagus to me. We opened it, and I knew the bones inside once belonged to me. My main observation was that I was lacking knee cartilage in one of my legs. Perhaps a difficulty to 'jump' or 'leap.'

Christine said...

My phone took me took this blog entry "by accident" not once but twice. So I'm receiving the image and the energy within. 💛

Unknown said...
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I use to experience sleep paralysis a lot. and every time that I do, I hear a loud Vibration in my head. It gets louder and louder until my body feels like I'm floating or being lifted up. Then suddenly I break through something and I'm somewhere else that feels real but also like a dream at the same time wherever it is I go, the people who are there always teach me something new. The last time this happened to me I ran around telling everyone the world was all fucked up and I needed help to fix it and they all told me that what I needed was to find the Golden King. then I woke up. And I could find nothing on the subject except this blog post. I would really appreciate a reply

manho valentine said...

My phone took me took this blog entry "by accident" not once but twice. So I'm receiving the image and the energy within.
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