Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wearing seal skin

I've kept her in the dark places for too long, 
the part of me that is the shapeshifter, 
at home in deep water and deep earth, 
the me who can survive in different elements.
She brings light from the dark; 

her eye sees beyond my own vision.

Her skin is thicker than mine, and tougher.
She can't be touched by malicious tongues
or pierced by pricks of envy.
I am going to wear her skin.
I am going to plunge with her into the deep places
and gorge myself on fish.

Now we are one I will never rest content
with a single form or a single element.
I seal this bargain with myself:

I promise to use all of me
and dive and live juicy and point my nose

to the sun, always to the sun.


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valerie said...

great , thanks, valerie