Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Soul's Homecoming

The homecomng is often the hardest part of the hero's or heroine's journey. You'be been out there, maybe to hell and back; you have faced and overcome your demons and your temptations; you have flown in worlds of beauty and enchantment. Now how do you ground yourself back in the circumstances of everyday life and keep it all together?
    At the end of a week of deep soul recovery work with a group of dream voyagers, I wrote a poem about this, titled "The Return Journey". I used it as the epilogue to my new book Dreaming the Soul Back Home. Now I have recorded a video in which I read the poem:


Janine De Tillio Cammarata said...

I read the words to your poem as I listened to you speak the words. It had a profound effect on me. There are so many places that I have gone to in my dream world, I believe to help me make sense of the adversity and loss that I have dealt with in this world.
I was feeling quite at a loss when I saw your video, missing my son and wondering if helping others with my foundation, through writing, and dream sharing is the right path.
After hearing the poem I know that I'm on the right path because I have so much to give to others to help them heal and find their own way.
Your poem helped me clarify my journey and I'm bringing home healing so that my soul can also be healed.
thank you, Robert

Robert Moss said...

Dear Janine - I am so glad that my poem offered light and sustenance on your path of soul. I know that, out of all you have suffered, with your great heart, you will bring light and healing to others; and you have found perennial springs of creation.

Kai said...

Thank you so much for this. It made tears run down my cheeks before 10 AM! Amazing. This poem is where I am at right now for sure. Thank you for making art of the experience. It helps so much. Xoxox

Cory Willet said...

I loved this... I have no words. You stated them all so well.

Patricia said...


Don said...

It is my belief that people express meaning more perfectly through poetry than they do through prose. That is because poetry stimulates feelings and emotions. I appreciate your use of poetry for the epilogue of your new book.

I bought a copy of "Dreaming the Soul Back Home" when it was first advertised. I read it cover to cover. I think it is one of your very best books. You go deep in several directions, yet all of them are part of the main subject. It is a book that I will read again and again. I think that we all have experienced at least some soul loss.

Thank you for reading "The Return Journey" on your blog. Hearing the poem read out loud by the poet carries carries more feeling, has more input, than just reading it. Thank you for posting "The Return Journey."