Monday, June 18, 2012

The boy who did not die

I am the boy who did not die
I am the one sea eagle called
I am the wind in the she-oak
I am the tears of the sun
I am fire of water

I am the iron king
on the hll of battles
and the one who gentles him.
I am the third raven.
I am the hunter and the hunted.

I am the tiger that guards the flock
I am the bear that is medicine
I am the deer of Hart Fell
I am the hawk with golden eyes
I am the green and burning tree

I came down through the Moon
and I remember the blue star.
I am the man of many ways
I know the Bull of Heaven
I am the boy who did not die.

- Sebastopol, California, June 17, 2012

The Sebastopol Dreaming: The image is a mural in the Youth Annex at the Sebastopol Community Center where I led a workshop last weekend. I gave the group the assignment of writing a "shapeshifting poem" in the Celtic style; the poem here was my contribution.


Junayad said...

Hello Robert, I am taking this shapeshifting poem as a further extension of the guidance I received yesterday from the oracular circle, "the moon reflects..."
Thank you for guiding us full speed ahead into the imaginal realms and giving us the skills and courage to be dream trackers.

Carol Davis said...

Beautiful. Of course. I would recognize you anywhere, any time, beyond time.

Your Sister,