Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black pond, white swan

I am drawn to the black pond and the white swan
Who turns with hieratic grace at the mid-point.
When I walk down to the water’s edge
She glides to me at once, so close I can touch her breast,
Her great wings, folded, make the shape of a heart.

When I try to read her dark and shining eyes
I see the sadness of a lovely woman in white
And in her eyes, mirrors within mirrors,
I find a blazing phoenix fire of many colors
And know this is reflected glory of the heaven bird
Who flies fearless through all the worlds.

“Where is your mate?” I ask the white swan.
Words swim back. How long have you made me wait?
And: How many dreams of me did you forget?
How many signs from me did you refuse?
I can only answer with truth, “I have been a fool,
Silly and forgetful, but I have always loved you.”


nina said...
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Carer's feelings said...

I like the poem because it is different. A beautiful Swan too.