Monday, August 22, 2011

Meeting doubles on the many roads of time

I am having a grand time demonstrating how it is possible to step in and out of the bodies and life situations of doubles on parallel event tracks, and how this can be used for healing and mutual empowerment. For this demonstration, I have chosen doubles from my present lifetime, alternate Roberts who made different choices. All times are accessible.
      I jump into situations that belong both to a parallel past, a parallel present, and a possible future, but the time in each scene is always Now. I can make choices in all these situations. In the place of an alternate Robert, for example, I choose to behave generously, avoiding blame and shame, in an incident involving a former partner after the time when (in ordinary reality) we had separated.
      My demonstration is in the service of teaching others how to do these things, at a workshop that has become a very exciting group experiment.
     I allow the group to watch my moves, which look to them as if I am stepping in and out of sliding doors. We proceed to develop a simple new model of doubling and travel between parallel universes.

Feelings: Excited, almost elated.

Reality: Several much more detailed dream reports from the past week seemed to involve jumps of this kind, into the situation of doubles on alternate event tracks. I found two of these experiences, involving former partners, to be very healing and resolving - beautiful, really - and woke from them energized and happy. I have crafted and led a number of group experiments in visiting doubles in parallel universes, and I am interested in developing a model of understanding that will bring together current speculation in physics (where is is now widely hypothesized that we are living in one of possibly infinite parallel universes) with the experience of dreamers, who go to parallel worlds (by my experience and observation) most nights.

Follow-up: When I got online after this dream, I found an announcement for the English translation of a book by French physicist Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet. He has developed a "theory of doubling" In his Théorie du dédoublement, Garnier Malet suggests that the "doubling" of time and space is a "law of physics" that offers us "temporal openings" - opportunities to step in and out of time and by so doing, change our possible future for the better. These opportunities are enhanced when we become conscious of the existence of our doubles and draw on their superior knowledge. I learned about Garnier-Malet's work when I was teaching in France in November 2010, and picked up French-language copies of a couple of his books.
      In Le double... comment ça marche? Garnier Malet urges us to learn to "drink time", as a thirsty animal drinks from a stream. He explains that this means "drinking information from the past and the future during sleep. Dreams are there to allow us to do this. Haven't you noticed that dreams put us in a different kind of time?." I think I am in favor of drinking time, maybe even ready for a binge.


babygirlboomer said...

Oh, I like your blogstory Robert. Time travel/parallel universes fascinate me. I just picked up an old book in my library after reading your blog. It is "The Education of Oversoul 7", the first novel based on the teachings of Seth, a novel that could easily be 'real'.
The book starts with "Oversoul Seven grimaced at Cypress and began the examination. "Let's see," he said. "In Earth terms, using an analogy, I'm a man on Wednesday and Friday, a woman on Sunday and Thursday, and I have the rest of the time off for independent study". Further: "As Lydia I'm in the twentieth century, as Josef in the seventeenth, as Ma-ah in 35,000 BC, and as Proteus in the 23rd century, AD." I am going to re-read this now so I can dream on it.

Robert Moss said...

Oh, I love "The Education of Oversoul 7" and quoted that same brilliant passage in an article on this blog:
Thanks for reminding us how good Jane Roberts was at giving us a model of the multiself in the multiverse!

nina said...
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Patricia said...

I am drawn to your title Robert. This is an intriguing exploration for my "what if" mind. I enjoyed reading how you used your physical body in demonstration. I was imagining how our different bodies support each other this morning, physical, energy and dream body. So the added support and information of physical expression on the way to journey on the roads of time seems right on to me. I had a dream two nights ago where i was traveling in a car as a college or post college student. The landscape looked like a Mediterranean area, but the young man kept assuring me it was Germany. The houses we went to where unusual architecture. His families signature houses? Perhaps a parallel place. Interesting to think of that dream in this way.

Jackie T said...

Robert - I have recently seen (eyes open but on one occasion I was in an altered state in a drumming circle), the doubles of people. They appear ethereal but exactly like the person but standing right next to the person. I was told that I was glimpsing the "doppelganger" in german, the double or dream double of the person. I tried looking it up but no satisfactory answer till I stumbled on your blog! Have you heard of doppelgangers? ...Jackie Teoh

Robert Moss said...

Jackie - Well, yes. Doppelganger means "double-goer" and - though used in many lose ways - basically means an energy double of the kind sometimes called a "fetch" in British/Celtic traditions. This opens out into quite a vast study. For my own clearest account of the subtle bodies and energy doubles, you may want to read my book DREAMGATES, especially the chapter titled "Paleopsych 101."

Dorothy said...

A friend of mine who knew me well was visiting a neighbor of hers. A friend of this neighbor was visiting from CA. My friend and the visitor began talking and the visitor described me to a T. Then she described my brother, mother, father and both my daughters. Names, occupations, ages and hobbies. All identical. Only 1 thing different, the visitor said my brother played the guitar. My brother did play the guitar when he was small, but changed to the trumpet. My friend asked the visitor how long she had lived in OR [where we lived], the visitor said this was her 1st time. The visitor stated that I was her neighbor in CA. I have never lived in CA. My friend got so spooked she didn't tell me about it until much later and then wouldn't tell me the visitor's name.