Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thunderbird seismology

This just in from a friend in California, in the wake of Tuesday's 5.8 earthquake in Virginia, whose effects were felt far and wide on the East Coast - but not in the Bay Area, at least not in any ordinary way:
"On Monday I told a good friend that I had seen three Thunderbird classic cars within two days. This struck me as curious. She remembered that just before the Haiti earthquake I saw a big Thunderbird in a dream that left me shaken. After that earthquake struck, I felt the Thunderbird was my way of seeing it in advance.

"On Tuesday, I started to feel that my dream symbology was shifting into regular life. As I drove near my home, a green classic convertible Thunderbird met me at the intersection. I rolled down my window to tell the adorable grey haired couple in the front seat that I loved their car.

"I came home to the news of the Virginia quake. And the hurricane.Coincidence?

"Wait. As I write this, I think I'm feeling a small quake right hear at home. [Pause] Yep. 3.6 on the Richter scale. Nothing for where I live, but it's right on the Hayward fault, which is ready to blow. Dang... The Thunderbird god is busy".
We have different ways of knowing things, and I am much in favor of collecting practical omens, ones that prove to be reliable indicators of what a day may bring. Seems like my California friend has developed a seismic sensor that may work better than seismology generally offers, since we are rarely told in advance when an earthquake will hit.


Alice Finnamore said...

Hi, Robert. I didn't have any dreams of thunderbirds, but I felt Virginia's earthquake in Fredericton, New Brunswick. My office is downtown, and my office was actually squeaking with the movement of it. Scary! I am very glad we don't have earthquakes here very often.

Robert Moss said...

A CA seismologist says that quakes are felt over such a vast area on the East Coast because the plates are "cold, hard and crusty". Crusty has consequences!

Nancy said...

Speaking of birds, a friend in NYC had her apartment briefly evacuated due to the quake yesterday so went to the park with a neighbor to sit it out. She noticed all the pigeons, usually pecking on the ground for bugs, were in the trees. When they started to come down to the ground again, she and her friend went home, knowing the earth was safe now. She followed the wisdom of the pigeon thunderbirds!

Robin said...

Red Thunderbird is huge today. That's my deceased father's car, the one he came to greet my mother in when she crossed over. They drove away together with her in the backseat, arms spread over the back of the seat (from a dream). Just a few moments ago I received notice in the mail of the court hearing to see if we can become custodians for my brother who is in very bad health. My father is clearly coming through to encourage us. Thanks Robert!!!